Icey what you did there - ICE Hotel in Jukkasjärvi

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The next venture I'd like to share with you my fellow Steemians is my journey to the Ice Hotel in far North Sweden and what a place it is!

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The Ice hotel is rebuilt every year from ice blocks carved from the Torne River and is full of rooms each with a different theme to leave you pondering. Each year the room is given to an artist to decorate as they please and the results are breathtaking both literally and figuratively.

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2938.jpg

The room below is a perfect example of the creative styles that the Artists create each year the artists submit their ideas for suites, and a jury selects about 50 artists to create the church, Absolut Icebar, reception, main hall and suites.

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-3004.jpg

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-3007.jpg

It is a massive project each year and there are around 100 rooms for guests to stay in.

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2939.jpg

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2960.jpg

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-3012.jpg

The beds look super comfy and are decorated in fur to keep the warmth where you need it. When you stay overnight they dress up the room even more.

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-3010.jpg

There are a few key parts to the Hotel, as there are rooms you can stay in that aren't made of Ice and there are rooms in the main building that are made completely of Ice, then there is a main bar where you can buy drinks to your hearts content.

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2906.jpg

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Even better they serve the drinks in Ice Glasses! The concept was first actioned by a collaboration with The first Absolut Icebar opened in Icehotel in 1994, and today is found in three cities: London, Stockholm and Jukkasjärvi.

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2925.jpg

Also there is a beautiful chapel perfect for weddings.

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-3040.jpg

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-3039.jpg

Surprisingly its not all that cold inside as the ice insulates - well at least not quite as cold as you expect! However it is still a brisk -5°C (23°F) and it's quite an interesting experience as the Ice soaks up all the sound so you get a unique quietness that you don't expect from a structure that is as clear as this one.

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2986.jpg

Everywhere you look the light sparkles through the ice, glistening on every little crystal.

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2966.jpg

Whilst we were there they had an event on showcasing some of the latest ice sculptures from local artists.

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2894.jpg

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2897.jpg

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2905.jpg

I love sharing these adventures with you all and cannot wait to show you more!

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If you want to see more snow and ice, as well as some incredible film and photography work from north of the arctic circle watch the film under an arctic sky by Chris Burkard

Do you have any incredible experiences in the snow? Share them with me below, I'd love to hear about it!

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Wow, this looks incredible! Thanks for sharing these icy shots :)

Glad you liked it @askaran thanks for dropping by!

Wow, a very cool looking place (in all senses of the word) @nikonmarshall. Please add this to, it's a great post. (Map code is broken at the moment so you won't get an auto-response but it will still go on there)

Thanks @choogirl I already had it on there, just hadn't loaded up yet - thanks for looking out for me!

This is a place I've always wanted to visit! How cool! <~~~Pun intended 😁

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7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – Australian Monday week #13 – winner announcement!

Thank you Tomas! I feel honoured that you chose my shot to be featured I will most definitely continue to follow the competitions from @czechglobalhosts and look forward to being a part of the community. Thanks again

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Impressive! I've heard of this ice hotel, we have one in Canada in Quebec but I don't think it's a lavish as this one. Each photo is as sharp and clear as the are a really good photographer.

I missed out on the northern lights post....that too was stunning.

we have the same concept here in romania, but never visited
how was it?
wonderful pictures @nikonmarshall!

Wow!!! A stay among "crystals" it looks awesome! Also natural Ice scupltures !! This last one remind me when I saw an Ice sculpure competition when I was in Poland