Sled in the right direction - Djurgården Ranch, Sweden

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NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2330.jpg

Djurgården Ranch

In the far North of Sweden not too far from Kiruna, we were welcomed by the most beautiful Huskies and quickly whisked away into a log cabin to dress in the warmest jackets and pants I have ever seen!

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2147.jpg

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2598.jpg

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Dog Sledding

The dogs at this ranch are absolutely adored by the owners and the dogs adore them back as you scroll through these photos notice the man in blue and just how much care and affection he gives to the dogs. All the owners and dogs are like this because this is their life and the dogs rely on them and they rely on the dogs for everything.

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2572.jpg

This is what happens when you tell them they are going for a run! Listen to how excited they get!

The huskies were all harnessed up for the next part of our little tour around the ranch.

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2411.jpg

Then we were strapped in for one amazing experience!

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2404.jpg

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2424.jpg

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2518.jpg

Some dogs can benefit from booties, especially if they have furry feet that collect ice and snow between the toes, but fit is super important.

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2298.jpg

This little guy above had them to protect his feet and provide extra traction however most dogs do not need them as their paws act as natural snow boots!

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2513.jpg

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2539.jpg

We travelled through some of the deepest snow I have ever fallen into! At some places the snow would be all the way up to my hips!

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2497.jpg

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2535.jpg

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2525.jpg

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2529.jpg

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2318.jpg

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2465.jpg

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2437.jpg

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2446.jpg

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2547.jpg

The dogs are fed some Salmon carcasses whilst we were packing up to head back. How good does that orange flesh look, I was even tempted to ask for some!

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2593.jpg

Snow Mobile

Once we stopped midway for a break and some tea by the open fire we were given the opportunity to try out one of the latest model snow mobiles from Sea Doo.

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2389.jpg

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2249.jpg

They act much like an ATV and are as simple to use with a squeeze of the thumb trigger and the machine rockets away~!

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2271.jpg

If you are looking for a more authentic experience and for a night spent near the wonderful dogs the lodge is also available to stay in, its a reasonably priced option starting at around 495SEK per night and includes breakfast.

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2177.jpg

Everything is setup to be super comfortable and warm, plus if you are there at the right time of the year and it is a clear night you may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis!

This was an incredible adventure I was very lucky to experience and loved being able to see this unique environment, if you wish to see some of my latest escapades follow me on instagram leave me a comment on a photo about your Steemit profile and your latest experience too!

NIKON D7000_Kiruna-2305.jpg

Also a big Happy New Year to my fellow Steemians! Where should we go in 2018?

NIKON D7000_KirunaDogSledding-2639.jpg


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A really great read for one working with dogs :) I used to take tourists on trips but now it is just me and the dogs enjoying the quiet nature at my trapper trail. Nothing relaxes me more :)

Glad you liked it @thedolphin I absolutely love dogs too and its amazing to see just how loyal they become when they are treated well. My brother just came back from a trip to South America and noticed the same over there, most dogs even strays when they are looked after will be protective of any humans who are kind to them.

They are so sweet! I am melting!!
Thanks for sharing @nikonmarshall!
I wish you a great 2018! Cheers

I thought so too @alexandraioana26 thank you for dropping by! All the best for your 2018 too!

What a fantastic experience!

I think the noise of the dogs' enthusiasm would drive me quickly insane though. :O

@ravenruis it was incredible and thanks for reading! Don't worry too much about the noise, most of the time they are very placid and sweet. Its just the moment the riders hype them up about going for a run that they get excited and start howling! Truly awesome to see if you ever get the chance though!

Perhaps if I earn enough Steem I'll be able to have a big adventure .. take in some of the places you've been highlighting. :)

I reckon you guys should go back to Scotland - there is a place somewhere that allows you to try falconry and archery. I researched it a few years ago. I need to live vicariously, for the moment, lol :D

Great post as usual @nikonmarshall! I love it. And you know what I'm going to say next...

Don't worry @choogirl it's on there! Thank you!

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I'm animal lover your blog photos made my day @nikonmarshall

I'm an animal lover too @sid9999 thanks for reading!

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Amazing pictures!

Thank you @yannis182!

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