Snow laughing matter - Abisko and Lapland

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The trail takes us to the far north of Sweden and into Lapland. It all began from the commitment to a 24 hour bus ride from Gothenburg, in through Stockholm and on towards the incredible winter landscapes of Abisko. Throughout my time here I have seen some of the most beautiful landscapes and scenes so it was only natural that I take as many photos as humanly possible. So below I will share some of the best moments of this adventure!


As we just celebrated Finnish independence of 100 years what better time than to share with you my experience in the beautiful world of winter.

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3078.jpg

The winter wonderland at the depths of winter does not get very long days and in the summer it does not get very long nights. We were lucky to join a tour group of students to see some of the attractions the region has to offer.

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3810.jpg

After 24 hours on the bus, we are ready to go into the Arctic circle.

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3816.jpg

Here is a family going to a fishing spot on the lake of ice, there were little campervans modified for the ice scattered all over the rivers and lakes. What an amazing winter holiday!

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3522.jpg

Once we got to Abisko we went for a walk through a section of trail called Kungsleden, in swedish this means the Kings path.

NIKON D40_Lapland-4911.jpg

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3754.jpg

Safe to say it was snowing well and truly! The experience was surreal.

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3722.jpg

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3738.jpg

There was even a chance to go for an Ice Climb!

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3527.jpg

We were setup in one of the Teepee huts with tables and a fire to keep warm with the light show going on outside and some delicious smores.

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3116.jpg

In the photo below you can see the vastness of the white landscape with the people in the middle giving the frame some sense of scale.

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3514.jpg

It is a majestic wilderness that definitely can look tough to live in, however many Swedes, Finns and Norwegians are willing to take it for the sheer beauty the region offers.

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3376.jpg

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3488.jpg

The beautiful @kitchentable taking a photo in the snow. See her introduceyourself post here

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3414.jpg

Then it was on to Narvik, just over the border in Norway - we went to the fish markets and then to the Scandic hotel for an unbelievable view of the city and the surrounding mountains.

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3445.jpg

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3456.jpg

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3366.jpg

On our final night in the North we were lucky enough to be put on the most extraordinary show from the Aurora Borealis, the amazing light show moved both faster and slower than I imagined and was truly surreal. I wish I had the right setup to capture it on film, next time for sure I will be better prepared!

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3192.jpg

Below are some of the photos I managed to get that night, have you ever seen the Northern Lights or it's Southern equivalent the Aurora Australis? Tell me of your experience, the feeling it gives you just to witness is completely unreal!

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3172.jpg

These lights occur when charged particles emitted from the sun during a solar flare penetrate the earth's magnetic shield and collide with atoms and molecules in our atmosphere. These collisions result in countless little bursts of light, called photons, which make up the aurora.

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3161.jpg

Collisions with oxygen produce red and green auroras, while nitrogen produces the pink and purple colors. This reaction encircles the polar regions of the earth and occurs at an altitude of 40-400 miles (65-650 km) in a zone called the "Auroral Oval."

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3156.jpg

The aurora borealis most commonly occur between 60°-75° latitude, but during great geomagnetic storms the auroral oval expands equatorially and can reach 30° latitude or further.
Explanation Source
NIKON D7000_Lapland-3189.jpg

I feel completely blessed and very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience an incredible landscape and phenomenon such as here and I cannot wait to have the chance to go back to see it again

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3735.jpg

If the question ever arises that you might have the opportunity to go then utilise it to it's fullest and have an experience you will remember for the rest of your life!

NIKON D7000_Lapland-3835.jpg

Thanks for reading fellow Steemians and see you all on the next adventure!

If you liked this adventure and want to see a bit more, why not visit my instagram


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Best photographs I've seen today! You captured everything so beautifully, it felt like we were there. The whole experience looks like so much fun. Experiencing the Aurora Borealis remains a dream of mine, and I am sure it will happen soon. Thanks for sharing, @nikonmarshall

Thanks @wachera I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope that one day you can see it, the lights are truly extraordinary!

I always enjoy reading the word-play you've devised for your latest blog titles. :D

You have a knack for bringing the things you see through your camera lens to life, with your corresponding comments, so I always look forward to reading each article. What wonderful adventures you guys are having on your trip! :)

I'm glad you've enjoyed it @ravenruis I try my best and I hope to bring you all as much as I possibly can. Thanks for dropping by!

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wonderful picture
i just saw last week the aurora borealis in Iceland (you can check up my post), but my picture aren't as wonderful as yours
that's neat, you won a new follower.
congrats @nikonmarshall!

@alexandraioana26, thank you and your iceland post is really amazing! Its definitely one for my list, I especially loved the part about the blue lagoon followed you back

Heya, just swinging by to let you know you're being featured in our Daily Travel Digest!

Damn but that whole area looks stunning! If Scandinavia wasn't as expensive I'm sure I would already traveled all over it, haha!

Thank you @steemitworldmap love your work, keep it up!

So much YES! I love the snow, however haven't had much chance to see it out of Australia. This is definitely on the bucket list! I've followed you back :)

Thanks @dolladu, highly reccomend it if you have the chance!

i loved your pictures! beautiful landscape! I think to get an idea of the real beauty of the Northern Lights, you have to be there and see it with your own eyes.

@philippbuxbaum thank you very much, and you really do need to see it with your own eyes. Its an incredible sight to behold, the most eerily beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Hope one day to see such phenomenon! Beautiful pictures

I like the noisy Northern Lights images. Seriously...i like noise

Thanks @lightenup I just feel privileged that I was able to get any shots of the lights at all, I only had a d40 and d7k at the time definitely now know why Burkard has been there more than 27 times and likes to shoot with a Phase One, A7rii or the best possible gear he can to get the shot.

I was just glad I could witness such an incredible natural phenomenon! I'll be going back soon for some more noisy shots for sure! Nice to see you back on Steemit, your photos are awesome! Thanks for reading.