Thistle do Nicely - Scottish Highlands

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This next adventure takes us on a road trip into Scotland for some incredible roads worthy of the 007 soundtrack.


The scottish highlands are full of scenic beauty and the odd scott showing off his kilt! The adventure began in the heart of Edinburgh and took us on the scenic route out towards the scottish countryside.


The bus ride up to the mountains took around 4.5 hours and the first glimpse was of the majestic peaks was a stop at Callander just nearby Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park a beautiful national park by the very peaceful and charming scottish village.


Then it was onto the true mountains and what an incredible sight to behold!



As we drove up the famous road towards Glencoe our tour guide played the james bond theme song and the only thing that could have made the moment any more surreal would have been the bus transforming into an Aston Martin!


Our brilliant and funny tour guide complete with kilt and sporran


Then it was on towards Fort William and the famous Loch Ness. It is a very long day trip but I highly reccommend seeing the town.



The first ever photograph taken of Nessie was in 1933, the myth is still going strong today and there have been many reports of sightings since.



Couldnt help myself but have a hunt for the famous monster.



In the photo above you could nearly imagine she was swimming just beloe surface of the waves. Have you ever seen the lochness monster?



On our way back to Edinburgh we stopped at a beautiful old style Scottish town complete with traditional pub. I highly reccomend this adventure to anyone in the Scottish vicinity. Rabbies tours were absolutely brilliant, small enough to be personable but still professional and covered everything you could possibly want to see and then some. They were also very good at answering all the questions I had, believe me thats not easy!


Here is a sneak peak of the Rosslyn Chapel, a story for another day. Have you ever felt like there is something greater than whats on the surface?

ScotlandWithSoph (12 of 379)-Pano.jpg

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Hi @nikonmarshall , I just discovered your blog and started following you.

I'm a documentary filmmaker and I always love to see how other Steemians see the world. My favorite picture is this one:

Such a great little find. Where is your next journey leading you?


Thanks @elenahornfilm I think my next journey will hopefully take me to Finish lapland! I did just hear that its their 100th birthday! Thank you for your wonderful comment, I love that shop too!

looks like I will need to put Scotland on my list

The accent is sooo authentic.
Lived in Loch Long hotel, city of Arrochar.
Nice peaceful village with a lake. Or loch how they say.
Loch Lomond (amazing) is 15 minutes walk from the hotel.
There are boats to get. It’ s fun.

@avlokh I completely agree such an awesome accent, even if it is tough to understand sometimes!

Thanks @diezeldiddy I highly reccommend it!

These are really astounding views and the architecture are the best examples of classics.

Loch Ness is that what i think it is? Related to the monster? Lol. Have you spotted anything strange? Hehehe.

Thanks @funtraveller, it sure is! I accidentally posted before I was finished, part about the monster in there now. I didn't have any sightings but will go back and try again for sure!

I think the hunt never stop, it is one of the most searched mysteries in the web. I myself have searching online as well. Lol. Keep me me updated if you have sightings.😄

You should go with binoculars. And sit on the shore till it swims by.

Awesome! You've reminded me of when I lived in Scotland--good times--although my photos are not nearly as nice as this.

Please add the steemit worldmap code so I can curate this in #traveldigest tomorrow.

Upvote to follow.

Thanks @choogirl glad I was able to bring back some memories, good ones I hope! Code added for you, thanks for curating!

I’ve been on a similar route myself! North Scotland was absolutely breathtaking, enjoy! :)

I have absolutely loved it, feels like home to me! Thanks for your comment

Very very beautiful and heart touching pictures. I was there in Scotland 2 years ago for a Magazine Photoshoot. I also taken many beautiful pics and moments captured during photoshoot. I will share with you all in my blog soon.

For now i have started my blog with my experience in Venice and Spain. I hope you will love it.

Lovely pictures. You are professional.

Thanks, it is an incredible place. You have some great blogs too - thanks for sharing!

thanks, you can follow me for more upcoming Photoshoot experience.

Thanks again

Awesome Pictures! Never realized Scotland had such great scenery. The mountain picture is so cool!

Wow, I knew that Scottland has a lot to offer, but your pictures show such magical landscapes :) Have you also explored Edinburgh? Should be such a treasure!

Thank you for your wonderful comment, i have actually been lucky enough to explore Edinburgh, you can see my experience at this post

❤️ 💙💚 Tweeting 👍

Thank you very much @pinay, It's nice to know a fellow accountant on here too. I just completed my final course for my commerce degree! Hope your business venture is going well!

So do Scottish men wear anything under their kilts?!? =P

Traditionally not! Although I am unable to confirm if this is what actually happens in practise, someone else might be able to?

thanks for your information@nikonmarshall

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Those mountain shots are stunning. Your instagram is just as beautiful. Love the loch ness part. Not everyone gets to see her :)

Thanks for the kind words @onethousandwords I was very lucky! Glad you could visit my instagram too!

Beautiful landscapes and a fun guide are the perfect recipe to enjoy a good trip. Thanks for sharing @nikonmarshall

Thanks for your comment @isabellavado

How beautiful! The home of my ancestors <3 I would love to visit some day, I could spend days and days at old churches and castles and climbing mountains <3

Hey its the home of my ancestors too! Such an incredible place, definitely worth visiting if you can!

Looks like an awesome day out.

Wow! You've done pretty much the same route as me, and I'm still in the middle of writing about my road trip around England and Scotland. Rossyln Chapel is going to be in my next post as well.

Did you drive down Glen Etive as well? That's where James Bond and M were standing by their car in Skyfall?

Thanks @livinguktaiwan, looking forward to seeing your posts! Unfortunately I didnt drive down Glen Etive however when I can get back there I'll make sure it is on my list!

You have to do Glen Etive next time, its definitely the highlight of my entire trip!! I've written my 7th post on my England and Scotland trip now, this week's one was about whisky, another famous from Scotland.

lovely shots i upvote and resteem !

Thank you very much @ericjordan

really i speak with my heart!

Everything looks so beautiful and peaceful.

It sure was, thank you for reading @katrinalewis

wonderful collection of travel photography...made me homesick for Scotland! I happened to notice the prevalence of geoengineering! escaping the chem trails, even in Europe!

Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it!

Very nice post, looks like you had a great time
Upvoted and foolowed

Thanks LPV, I sure did! Followed you also :)

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Great post and photos ! Looks like Scotland is more beautiful that i though .

Really amazing pics and places. I''ll add it to my trips, thanks for sharing

Thanks for dropping by @ar88 definitely add it to your list if you can!

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wow. one of the best travel post. i like photos in this post. these are awesome.

Thank you @tusharvasave you are too kind!

lovely photos

Rosslyn Chapel is fascinating for me. Any pics of the inside?

lovely place

Wow... It is timeless edifices such as that one that keep me hooked to Europe... What is it called? Is it Fort William or Fort Augustus? ...It's a medieval castle from around what year and century?

How about that monument, what is it dedicated to? I suppose NOT Scottish independence movement, aye? Looks like a World War memorial; does it have a name? I suppose the Scotts would create a memorial separate from the English one... :| So sad to see Nations splitting apart!

Another amazing building! What is this one called? Would you recall? (I am so sorry for my little Q&A; I guess I am a curious soul! xD)

And... That leaves me with my final question: Catacombs! This Rosslyn Chapel is bound to have some of those below the ground, eh? Did you ever found about that "below" wondering you had? :D

Well, cheers! Happy trekking around! I would be delighted in your place. Blessings! :)