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RE: Time to move on

in #travel3 years ago

HOpe to hear from you sooner than later. Sorry to see you go - and sorry your plans were thwarted. I felt very angry last night in a way I haven't let myeslf the whole time. You spend a lot of time convincing yourself that it's for the best, that it could be worse, that it's been a good time - but last night we just felt really MAD. Fucking virus. Anyway, now that's over I can get back to enjoying life. And trying not to be mad that the year we've waited ten years for was ruined. Dammit.


You will, unless whole europe goes back into panic mode and I regret my decision of not staying in australia. but staying here bears too many risks.

It could always be worse...well in your case I´m not sure, cause your story is crazy. The fact that you waited 10 years makes it even worse. I feel a bit bad now because we actually did not get hit that hard. I wish for you that you can continue your india trip asap!