A Geode Larger Than Me 🪨

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Check out this huge Geode! In my last post, I shared that I visited Aspen, Colorado earlier this year. While walking the snowy streets, my wife and I popped in and out of stores, art galleries, and dispensaries.

The Raven Gallery had some super neat minerals and glass pieces on display. The most impressive for me was this massive amethyst geode and large glass sculpture. Both items commanded some pretty high prices, but you won't believe the price tag for the glass.

I asked the saleswoman if photography was permitted (it was) and if she could explain how a piece of glass could be worth so much. She told us that the glass was made in a special facility in Pittsburgh, PA and that the glass is 100% free of any imperfections like bubbles or abrasions. So you can imagine that cutting and sculpting that type of glass requires exceptional skills and special machines.

The glass is definitely unique and remarkable. But I think if I had an extra 200k laying around, I would probably buy a rare JDM car or some land. (or crypto!)

You can find out more about the gallery at https://www.ravengalleryaspen.com/

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