Back from Sweden

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I haven't made a lot of "noise" here lately.
Work (lots of it), a writing dip and recently a trip to Sweden to
the worldfamous island of Köpstadsö to visit my son and grandkids were the reason for that.

Talking about the latter; I planned a trip already in april to go there but due to Corona I had to postpone that to a couple of weeks ago.

At present already home and back at word again, I nevertheless wanted to share some pics of that latest visit.

Sunny weather on the island

Waiting for the ferry to visit another nearby island

Mick and Ariana


Some work to do also.
Installing floorheating in the hallway


In the toilet as well.
And after that, tiling the whole.


Barefoot rock-climbing


"Dinner" just outside the backyard.

On the ferry ...

Escorted by Mick, back to the mainland.

Bye Köpstadsö ...




Great to see you on your way home Amigo. Short on time, always a lot to talk about. :-)

Completely mutual mate. And ... it's not the length of conversations that are important, but more the quality of them. And as usual we always manage to make that short time priceless and worthwhile.

Absolutely, cheers to a follow up!

Ayeee!!! See little Smassshes, they've both got great hair like their big daddy...

Nice and glad to see you Smasssh, been a bit, nice to see you're doing fine..

Cheers amigos

'they've both got great hair like their big daddy.'

Yeah, but with one difference: my hair will turn grey soon, hahaha.

hahaha....would still look great I guess!

Nice - looks like you can swing by Finland and do some volunteer work around my place too.

Love the pics of the kids climbing on the rocks :)

Hahaha. Thinking about buying a house (visited already some), so if you're not in a hurry, who knows ...

Me too, both of them seem to have "steel" feet, amazing. I look like a flamingo just walking on gravel ...

I look like a flamingo just walking on gravel

Before or after a few beers? :)

Looks like work and play, nice weather too 😎

Amazingly a few beers indeed helps, not only to withstand that unpleasant feeling, but turn me into a kind of ... roadrunner (wearing flipflops).

All help welcome :)

I look like a flamingo just walking on gravel ...

It is all the moisturising for the foot fetishists.

Good luck on the house hunt.

'It is all the moisturising for the foot fetishists.'

Personally, I swear by unrefined coconut oil ;-)

Thanks man.

Sweden is probably one of the most quietly beautiful place in the world. I knew you've been quite busy but I didn't know you went to Sweden. The joy of bonding with your grandkids that can be priceless. Rock climbing was probably my favourite part. Cheers and welcome back. Sweet selfie with Mick there

Thanks mate, although I haven't been really active posting, I always try to keep uptodate as much as possible.

Your have a gorgeous family @smasssh.

Thanks man. It's always a pleasure to be there and see how they've grown and have become wiser.

That looks fun..."barefoot rock climbing", I would like to try that lol. 😃 It has been a while but good to see you are doing great. Welcome back! 😄

Thanks. Good to see you're having fun and being so active here.

Köpstadsö seems like a great place. Your grandkids are really adorable too, I'm sure they were excited to have you. How old are they?

Thanks. It's indeed always fun to be there.
Ariana became 4 in april and Mick will be 6 years this coming december.

Really top quality pictures. Lovely kids 🤗, they are so cute I must say.

Thanks for your compliments. Appreciate it.

You are humbly welcome 🤗🤗

Kids are cuties 😊

are = can be

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