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Hi everyone, @ItchyfeetDonica here with another travel digest! Enjoy!

If you haven't been active recently, you can read about what we've been up to in this post.

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Our winners today 🍍

🥇 My travel story: Namibia Day 8 (Etosha NP & Rundu) - part 7 (38 photos) by @crazy-andy

We have come to the final part of my Etosha National Park travel diary. I have already shared two parts with a lot of nice wildlife photography and today I will close it up with my yield from the last day, or better say morning. Not to be too short I will add also the rest of day 8 of my travel which will be mostly sundowner cruise on Okavango Delta with some thoughts again.

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🥈 Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Culture, Heritage, and Adventure by @paulajogalix

I've been dreaming to visit and see the Borobudur Temple in person ever since I've heard of it in my Anthropology class way back in college. So yeah, I made this dream come true. The thing I love most about Indonesia is that it is full of culture, heritage, and adventure! I agree with a blog that I read - it is the world’s largest archipelago which has hidden gems many tourists overlook.

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🥉 Travel Story: Those Waiting Days | Puyuhuapi | Chile by @mrprofessor

Gales like this recollect those days in Patagonia, when the stories here presented were lived. Out in the open, the sheer force of nature challenged the teeny tent to stay in place. We survived, so here's another partial chapter. On this post we’ll go back to Puyuhuapi, a humble village located on the margins of the Puyuhuapi Bay in Chile. The story contains the life of a hitchhiker and a newly discovered passion. Enjoy!

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Honorable Mentions

  • Astego Garden, Italy by @alequandro
  • Cityscape, Bogota, Colombia by @azami3000
  • Urbex, Salford, UK by @grindle
  • 3 Places in Jembrana, Bali, Indonesia by @putu300
  • Townscape, Ilulissat, Greenland by @rbaggo
  • Archery, Moalboal, The Philippines by @scubahead
  • Walk, Bangkok, Thailand by @kaminchan
  • Buddhist Temple, Seoul, South Korea by @irisworld
  • 3 Places in Niger State, Nigeria by @shemzy

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