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Imagine a universe in the 21st century. To which crews of travelers are sent in the 30th century! In the 30th century, the earth was almost completely destroyed. Only 30% of the population survived and lived under the ice in an age of ice in tunnels and underground caves. The technology is crazy. Almost inhuman but the people live on yeast. This is their diet. During the 25th century, Bint developed an artificial one called the "manager" and he began sending teams to the 21st century where all the destruction (obviously) began to fix the future. Five people in each team:

  1. Tactics. A man who is literally a war machine. A sniper with supreme grace, know and manipulate all future weapons, plan fights and execute them, and master all martial arts.

  2. The programmer. The person capable of penetrating any system. Communicate with the "manager" and receive direct backups from the future. It is able to reprogram anything in the 21st century and disrupt or rearrange it.

  3. The doctor. All the knowledge of the future. Everything. It cures cancer, fixes body parts that have been completely shredded, brings people back to the floor. Handles nanobots and restores anything indoors or out with their help. He has such medical knowledge that there is in fact no virus and epidemic or illness that ever broke out that he could not cure and repair.

  4. The historian. He knows everything! And when I say it all, it's all the oral history of all the universes and all the timelines from the dawn of creation to the 30th century. He is also responsible for the finances of the team because he is aware of all the bets of anywhere in the world at any time in history, the "invests" the money (because it is not really a gamble) and knows all the endings of all the scenarios including the lives of his team. Apart from himself.

  5. Team Leader. He is not strong in anything specifically. But it is perfected on. He sees the whole picture. He drives the team, he knows how to run them as one organ and he holds them tight together. Without it, they will not be able to work optimally

Which one is you?