Chochołowska Valley 2019 (Poland)

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Hi! This is my next trip to the Chochołowska Valley. This time on March 29, 2019. I invite you to read.

A year ago I decided to visit the Chochołowska Valley again. This beautiful place tempts with wonderful views, especially every spring. In 2019, however, I went a little early. Instead of spring scenery, it turned out that winter conditions prevail there. The photo above shows the entrance to the Chochołowska Glade in winter scenery. Let's go back to the beginning of this day.

I arrived at the Siwa Polana parking lot around 8am that day. It was quite cold, but the day promised to be sunny and sunny. The entire route through the Chochołowska Valley is about 8 kilometers long. After walking about a kilometer I saw many crocuses near the trail. The view from the photo above made me hope for much larger amounts of these flowers in the Chochołowska Glade. So I wandered on.

In the middle of the route, however, it began to get more and more winter. At one point the route looked like the photo above. It was just ice! It was very hard to go and it was getting dangerous. People had a problem with this passage. From this place I had to go very slowly and carefully to the Chochołowska Glade. I would never have thought before that a trail in a valley can be so difficult and dangerous.

I finally got there! This is Chochołowska Glade! I could forget about crocuses. Nevertheless, the winter view of the clearing also has its charm. For the first time I saw what a place full of snow looks like. I rarely go to the mountains in winter. Beautiful views of the snowy peaks make up for the cold. Unfortunately, in winter you cannot lie on the grass in the sun. I'm going further towards the hostel. Maybe I'll see crocuses there.

Oh! There they are! As you can see, where the snow has melted, crocuses are already appearing. Sure, if I came in about two weeks, I'd see a whole clearing full of these flowers. Unfortunately, somehow it happened that only then I could come here. At least the weather is great. As you can see in the photos, the sky is completely cloudless. It was very cold in the morning when I started walking. The sun is shining now and it is even warm.

Here there were really many crocuses under the tree (photo above). As you can see, I managed to enjoy the view of winter scenery and at the same time I could see the first spring flowers. I recommend everyone a trip to the Chochołowska Valley in spring and summer. In winter, as you can see, even this simple route can be dangerous. Maybe this spring I will visit this place again, this time I will wait for a real spring in the Tatras. Greetings to all who love Mountains!

Photos used in the article are my private materials.

Thank you for reading!

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