It's All Worth It -KAMAY NI HESUS

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Howdy steemians from all over the Globe. today , i'll be sharing our short family weekend getaway. This is my favorite and moat challenging part.. why? You'll find out later .. But this place i am taliking about is called *Kamay ni Hesus

This site is considered as one of the sacred grounds and pilgrimage place in the Philippines. This is for those people who want to pray for healing , to repent and give thanks for all the blessings. This healing church (as they call aswell) was built year 2002, February. Kamay ni Hesus also has different areas , such as NoAh's arc , Healing Church, Via Dolorosa Grotto, Sea of Galilie, the Pastoral Center and Holy Family Park, sadly we haven't explore much of these areas because we're focused in one particular area.

There you have it, a 300-step-stair going up for us to reach the top where we have the very big statue of Jesus Christ . i think it was called that *kamay ni Hesus* , or hands of Jesus , literally because of that hands of HIM opened for all believers.

The experience was all worth it! While climbing up the stairs , you would feel like you wanna give up because the steps are too high from.each other and it was 300 that we had conquered. Physically tiring , and so when we actually reach the top , i was teary-eyed , because i did it! I feel like it was like challenges of life that if you already won the battle and get there , it's like you are more close to God . so am gonna call it stairway to the Creator!

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