Journey to the Last Village of India

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There was little time for winter to come, so much so that the snow would not fall. It is the Himalayas of summer and there is greenery and flowers all around. Understand that nature is at its peak. Winter is gone, snow has melted and even monsoon has come and gone so now the weather will be pleasant. It is the month of October and the enjoyment of the sight of the Himalayas has gone to a different level.

Kedarkantha (40 of 77).jpgThe Last village of India: Chhitkul

Kedarkantha (1 of 77).jpgGreat Himalayan National park mountain range seen from Narkanda

Kedarkantha (2 of 77).jpg

This thing happened when I was about to leave the job, then I used to work for LG Mobiles. My old friends called and said that they are going to visit Himachal after taking leave. I talked to my boss in fear. He refused to give leave. When I got disappointed, I thought that I will leave on Friday night and will visit Himachal for two days and join the office on Monday. Thinking like this, I pack my bags and meet my colleagues at their homes.

Kedarkantha (3 of 77).jpgStopped for Lunch

Kedarkantha (4 of 77).jpgI will miss you guys

Kedarkantha (11 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (13 of 77).jpgWelcome to Kinnaur

We decide to go by Maruti Alto. The four of us get ready to move. So sitting in the car, I ask where are you going to visit in Himachal? In response, Rajat says that we are going to Chitkul village. Chitkul is a remote village located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, which is located on the India-Tibet border. The height here is 3450 meters above sea level and the village here is the last village of India from Kinnaur side.

Kedarkantha (14 of 77).jpgRampur village

Kedarkantha (15 of 77).jpgA small traffic jam due to landslide

Kedarkantha (16 of 77).jpgThe famous tranda dhaank of kinnaur

Kedarkantha (24 of 77).jpgkinnaur got some sacriest roads

Kedarkantha (25 of 77).jpgKarchham hydro project

Kedarkantha (26 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (28 of 77).jpgWelcome to Chhitkul

This village, situated on the banks of the Baspa river, also enhances the beauty of the Baspa valley. Here there are three temples of local folk goddess Mathi, these temples are also known as Taj of Kinnaur. Apart from electricity, mobile network has not yet reached this village. This village gets cut off from the rest of the world when there is a lot of snow during the winter months. So this was the main information here.

Kedarkantha (29 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (31 of 77).jpgChhitkul got a few home stays and they all got covered in snow

Kedarkantha (32 of 77).jpg

We walk at night and reach Kinnaur in the morning. We have breakfast at Rampur, which is 140 km away from Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. The distance from Rampur to Chitkul was reduced to 115 km. Now the car is running a bit slow because it is a hilly road. There are dark clouds in the sky and it seems that it will rain, and if it rains here, snow will fall on the high mountains. After crossing the famous Trinda Dhank of Kinnaur, we enter the Baspa valley.

Kedarkantha (33 of 77).jpgSmall and amazing chhitkul village

Kedarkantha (34 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (35 of 77).jpgWhen we roamed in street of chhitkul

Kedarkantha (36 of 77).jpgvillagers stored woods for winters

Light snowfall starts as we enter the valley. We are surprised to see snowfall in this season. But seeing fresh snow is like a dream. We book a guest house in Sangla, Rajat says that we will stay here for two days and visit the surrounding villages. So according to the plan, we leave for Chitkul before the train. Till now more snow starts falling, we are also enjoying the snow now. They are hitting each other like snowballs. Two of us have seen the snow for the first time, both of them fall on the snow on this side as if they will eat the whole snow today.

Kedarkantha (37 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (38 of 77).jpg

We have lunch in Chitkul amid snowfall, it is still snowing outside. Local people are quickly taking their animals to their homes, some animals are getting wet standing in the snow. While roaming around the village, we notice that there are hardly any tourists here. And I like this very much. Coming back we stay at the guest house in Sangla where our room was booked. After eating hot food at night, we sleep in a thick quilt.

Kedarkantha (39 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (41 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (42 of 77).jpgThe way to local temple

The next day, after visiting Raksham and a little bit of Sangla, we make our way back. Now everyone has to join their respective offices. I am afraid that my boss will fire me if I am late. Everyone is making fun of their own boss. I am looking out of the window and thinking what all we have to think after coming from such a beautiful place. I wish I could leave my job and stay in the mountains, where I would live my whole life. You never know when you fall asleep while thinking like this.

Kedarkantha (43 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (44 of 77).jpg

I get late in reaching the office, the boss scolds me and the job is saved. Everyone reaches their respective jobs. I will always remember this journey, I will not be able to forget this journey till death. Two of my companions who went on this journey are no more with us. Both have left their bodies due to blood cancer. May God give peace to their souls. Devendra and Sumedh you both will always be remembered by me.

Kedarkantha (46 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (47 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (48 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (49 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (50 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (51 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (52 of 77).jpgBaspa river

Kedarkantha (53 of 77).jpgPine forest

Kedarkantha (54 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (55 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (56 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (57 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (58 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (59 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (60 of 77).jpgBaspa valley view

Kedarkantha (61 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (65 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (67 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (68 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (69 of 77).jpgwe stayed for two nights here

Kedarkantha (70 of 77).jpgSangla market

Kedarkantha (72 of 77).jpgOur small car

Kedarkantha (74 of 77).jpg

Kedarkantha (77 of 77).jpgSumedh is enjoying the village

Kedarkantha (71 of 77).jpgRaksham village

Kedarkantha (76 of 77).jpgSchool in raksham village

Kedarkantha (73 of 77).jpgBaspa river

Kedarkantha (75 of 77).jpgSomeone is enjoying the fresh snowfall

Disclaimer: All photos are clicked by me with Sony point and shoot camera, photos were edited in Lightroom. The English content of this blog has been originally translated from Hindi with the help of Google Translate.


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I don't know what it's like to live at such a height, but it's very beautiful :)

If we talk about physical changes, then due to altitude, the appetite decreases, less water is consumed, the body becomes a bit lazy. Headache is common and yes the face gets completely tanned.


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Those view are so beautiful, I'm imagining myself standing before those views wawing myself 😊

It will be a very nice place to spend some time

Yeah indeed, thanks for stopping by