PEOPLE MATTER / Chiang Mai, Thailand / hikes and more

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PEOPLE MATTER / Chiang Mai, Thailand / hikes and more

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We’ve spent about two beautiful weeks in Chiang Mai. Not because of the weather or the city. BUT PEOPLE. We had the privilege to meet wonderful people. Together with Jason, someone we met at church - we hiked up the Doi Suthep - a hill bordering to the city which has a huge cloister sitting on the very top. We took the Monk‘s Trail which will take you to the top. The trail is quite beautiful leading through a stunning forest with some other small temples on the way. Though, the humidity made it almost unbearable to hike, we‘ve had an amazing time. We think it’s one of the most valuable things in life; to spent time with people and savour the moments in nature.

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The Doi Suthep hill is a good short hike for everyone. Make sure you start the hike as early as possible - not only because of the weather conditions - as well because it's a place, which attracts lots of tourists. But most people take the street and drive up the hill to visit the temple. We prefered so much more the way by feet. It's always worth to be in the Green, have a little exercise and explore the beauty of nature. You will find even a small temple on the way up the hill - so make sure; you're wearing proper clothes. (shoulders and knees must be covered) If you walk you will also have the advantage of free entry on the top. Cause through the walking way there's no official entrance, yet.

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this picture is in upright portrait format - I'm testing how it looks in the post.

That's not a typical post of mine - usually, I don't write that much - cause my rare English knowledge is quite a barrier to me. But I wanted to give a try :-) Always curious to try new things. And since I learned that you need 250 words to use the #travelfeed hashtag I overcome myself to write more - even if I struggle a lot in English. Thanks for your patience. It's such a good lesson for me for improvement.

Feel free to ask questions. I would love to interact more with my audience. :-)

about me;
I'm Sue. A photographer for 10 years. One year ago I started an adventure around the world with my husband, Lukas. We work as Volunteers for different organisations and between the "work months" we travel. :-) Have a look at my steem profile to see more about our travel adventure so far. Thanks for your interest and support.

Still in process to understand this thing called "cryptocurrency" and "Steem" :-) Thanks to all of you, who helped me the past weeks to get to know Steem and its wonderful community. I'm in. My love and passion for steem is still growing. :-) Even if I don't post that often.

love from sue.

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lukas, my husband... while hiking.

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