Karon Beach (Thailand, Phuket) - a chic beach with singing sand

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Someone likes to relax in Europe, someone prefers Asia. And I just love where it is warm and where there is a warm gentle sea. And such a sea is almost all year round in Thailand. Maybe not always calm but definitely always warm.


How not to look at the largest and most famous island of Thailand? And do not relax on one of its gorgeous beaches? For this, we chose the hotel for a few days in the area of ​​Karon Beach. According to reviews, I realized that this is one of the best beaches on the island.


We don’t have to go long, literally 7-10 minutes and we get to the left of the middle of the beach if you look at the sea. The first impression is that there are too many people. But then we realize that basically people are grouped where stand sunbeds. The beach is long, several kilometers, with a wide beach strip and a green zone behind it. Then the roadway and only then the hotels.


Sunbeds do not stretch along the entire beach, but in rows, there are a lot of people on them and in front of them. Where there are no sunbeds, there is free space . Someone is resting in the shade of trees. And we usually were located near the water away from the sunbeds.


From about 10 to 12 in the morning and in the evening, after 5, 6. It is unrealistically hot on the beach during the day, so basically, at this time we had a siesta.


And what about the beach? Yes, it is really chic. Pure clear emerald water. No matter how far you swim, you see the bottom. Usually I saw such water in Thailand, sailing to the islands, but here you don’t have to go far. It is clear that Phuket is also an island, but on the same Samui, and even on Lanta, there is no such clear water. And here the Andaman Sea pleased us with its beauty and purity.


At the shore, the waves can slightly stir up some water, but a little walk and it is crystal clear. Only fishes hurry back and forth and occasionally crabs run around.


Despite a large number of people, the beach is clean. It is cleaned every day. The sand is white, shallow and creaky. You walk like in the snow, heard creaking underfoot. I've never met anything like that. And in the evenings, cicadas, Thais with pipes, and the sound of the sea add exotic.


There are many vacationers with children on the beach. I would not call it an ideal beach for children, as the depth comes quickly and the waves draw in-depth, especially at low tides. They are in the mornings and evenings. Swimming deep and far is not scary, as you can see the bottom. Saltwater is excellent keeping you on the surface. Buoys are far into the sea and some people like swimming to them. Yes, and a little deeper into the sea, you are almost alone, there is no one bothers to enjoy nature.


The beach is surrounded by hills. One of them shows a large Buddha. And the hotels are visible only far in the hills along the edges of the beach. The rest, as I spoke, are behind the road. Ours was on the second line, but still close, and there it is calmer and quieter.


To the right of the beach is either a rivulet or a canal that flows into the sea. Sewerage doesn’t smell here, I think it’s relevant in the rainy season. A small green park was made along the canal.


And although there are insanely many tourists resting in Phuket, you can relax in Karon, as the beach is long and there is enough space for everyone. The nature here is perfect, unlike us humans. When the sea is stormy and in the rainy season you will not see all the beauty of the sea, and swimming at this time is dangerous. In cloudy weather, the sea is not so clear, but still clean.


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