Trees by Water

I took these photos at several different locations. Some were taken at Green Lane Reservoir in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The rest were taken in South Jersey wetlands around the Delaware River Bay and Maurice River. Water is always great to photograph any time of year. I'll have travel specific posts of every place I've recently visited soon. This post is just photos of trees.

Since I'm still laid off and collecting unemployment, I'm thinking about driving down to Florida. I'm sure it's Spring down there, and there's lots of flowers to photograph. I like to mix up my blog, and not post the same themes too much in a row. I think I can take enough photos for dozens of posts all the way down there. It's supposed to deep freeze here in the Philly area again, and I hate that so much.

IMG_1003 2.JPG
Green Lane Reservoir

IMG_1213 2.JPG
Swamp land near The Delaware River Bay

IMG_0976 2.JPG
River birch trees in Green Lane. There's a lot of them along water in my region, but I don't think they grow in Jersey.

IMG_1095 2.JPG
Taken in South Jersey Pinelands

IMG_1144 2.JPG
The Delaware River Bay in or near Heislerville Wildlife Management Area

IMG_0979 2.JPG
More birch trees in Green Lane

IMG_1188 2.JPG
Maurice River, New Jersey

IMG_0991 2.JPG
Green Lane Reservoir

IMG_1195 2.JPG
Delaware River Bay inlet

IMG_0993 2.JPG
Green Lane Park

IMG_1007 2.JPG
Taken on a bridge in Green Lane