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Covid has kept everyone busy. Whether that be through work, hobby, interest, or mental health; we all have priorities.
These are mine.

Welcome to my blog, my channel, my outlet. I intend to educate, discuss, examine, and research topics both interesting to myself, and that of which I hope an open audience will enjoy.

Through HypnoChain, I will inspect and examine different 'hypnotic' topics and psychoactive work. This will lead into the next postings, which, through StemGeeks, will focus on the scientific method examined previously.

You can view the beginning of my work here:

And if you are interested on how psilocybin plays a role on the human brain and physical body, this may be an interesting read; (across will be used to discuss cryptocurrency topics and general blogging news, additionally to Actifit, with blogging on a daily basis -

Further, Ecency will be a platform for reseaech documentation posted, , and ultimately, PeakD the major channel for platformming my network and connecting all sites to one peak tip, where news, announcements, and other channel related material will be shared: across PeakD

I hope this sparks an interest in at least one person. I am simply doing this to give back to those who wish to learn and anything given back is greatly appreciated. You can follow me on @

Thank you to anyone who reads this, have an amazing day, and stay safe!

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