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RE: Trial by Comics winners for "Zombies" and new theme announced!

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; __ ;

waaaaaaaaaaaaah thank you so much @kommienezuspadt <3 this really made my day omg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

congrats to all the winners, @scrawly and @eyedrip, and all the other wonderful participants <3 this was a very wonderful contest for me cuz it pushed me right out of my usual paces and challenged me to think and sit and do things properly, so .... yeah im over the moon \o/

grats @justnyc and @alexandracruz and @katari and @gooze and @yanes94 as well <3

and my thanksthanksthanksthankssuperspecialthanks to @kommienezuspadt and Trials by Comics <3



flails and melts into a puddle


Your entry is awesome and filled with goodness and great stuff!!! <3
Congratulations, captain spider o7.

You two! I see one I know the other can't be far behind :)

Congrats! I'm really amazed and inspired by your entry.

Congrats! So deserved!

congrats!!! i'm just reading through your post and it's so frikin sweet hahaha
don't melt too much, cuz you gotta keep up drawing ma frieeeend :D

Thanks @veryspider, congratulations. 😘👌