Ranking tribes by activity and Users | Which Tribe has the most traffic and users? | November 2019

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An analysis will be made on activity and number of users of the different Steem Engine tribes for November 2019. The tribes have been around for a couple of months now and we will be looking how are they standing after this period.


Here I will be looking at the following Steem Engine Tribes:

  • Palnet
  • Steemcoinpan
  • Steemleo
  • Sportstalksocial
  • Creativecoin
  • Neoxian
  • Splintertalk
  • SteemAce
  • Battlegames
  • Weedcash
  • SteemZzan
  • Dporn
  • Stemgeeks

There are more tribes out there, but I will be focusing on these one in this report as one of the more popular ones. If someone wants another tribe to be added write down in the comments.

Activities on Steem Engine Tribes

Two separate data will be presented about the Steem Engine Tribes activities. Number of posts and comments containing the tag of the tribe and the number of posts and comments that were made directly through the frontend.
The posts and comments can be made from other Steem frontends and add the tribes tag.
The ranks of the tribes will be made according to the activities on their frontend. This will be the main parameter, although I will include the numbers for the tags.

Here is the chart on the overall tribes activity. Posts and comments.

The white column are the total activities containing the tribe’s tag, and the darkish column represents the activities made on the tribe’s frontend.

Steemcoinpan is the tribe with most activities on its frontend. They have a rule that only rewards their token for authors that posted from the sct frontend. On the second place is Sportstalksocial. This tribe is also in the top has they have a lot of activities on there. Next is the Korean community another Korean community ZZAN. Palnet is on the fourth place although it started the tribes, followed by Steemleo the investors community.

If we look at the tag numbers, palnet is first. But as mentioned the ranking here is according to the activity coming from the tribes frontend. Also, it can be noticed that a lot of the activity is coming from the tags compared to the native frontends.

Posts on Steem Engine Tribes

Here is the breakdown on posts and comments. First the posts.

When ranking only by the number of posts, Sportstalk comes first, Steemcoinpan second. The next ones are the same as the overall activities.

Comments on Steem Engine Tribes

Here is the chart for the number of comments.


Steemcoinpan is leading the pack by the number of comments on the frontend.

Share of the activities made from the tribe’s frontend

As mentioned above the posts and comments on the tribe’s web (frontend) can be made from other frontend and just include the tribes tag. Also, it can be made directly from the tribe’s frontend.
Here is the share of the overall activities made from the tribe’s frontend.

Sportstalk is on the top here, followed by Steemcoinpan. Splintertalk also is doing well.

No of Users on Steem Engine Tribes

The numbers of users presented here are unique users that made post from the tribes web/frontend. As for the data above the priority is given to the tribes native frontends.

Here is the chart for the number of users on Steem Engine tribes that posted from the tribes web in October.


Using the criteria above, the Steemcoipan community has the largest number of users that posted from their web in October 2019. They have introduced a rule to reward user with their token, that are posting only from their native frontend.

On the second place is Sportstalk, that having in mind that has the largest number of activities on their web is no surprise to be in the top by the number of users as well. Then comes, ZZAN, Steemleo and Palnet.

All the best


@dalz Thanks for including the BattleGames community in your report! 💪

While we're noticing that our front end is a little underutilized it's super encouraging to see that we're ranking well for overall activity, commanding a 5% share!

We're stoked to see #battle is STEEM's #1 tribe tag choice when it comes to gaming content! 💎💖💎

Yes ... looking at it that way :)
You guys are fine, you was one of the first to start, I remember when you were doing your Splinterlands tournament :)

Thanks for providing monthly updates on Steem-Engine tribe activities, really helpful 👍

You are welcome!
Thanks for the support.

very nice and useful information @dalz ... So no doubt that the addition of tribes are making steemit stronger everyday.
Could you please let us know from where or how you are exploring these data?

From the steem blockchain :)
There is a sql database for the steem blockchain, maintained by @arcange.

I run queries and get the data I need.

I didn't know sportstalk was the number two, that is pretty awesome! I'll keep on staking those Sports tokens! !trdo

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Yes Sportstalk is one of the tribes with a lot of activities.

Thanks for another wonderful post providing us with relevant stats about what is taking place on Steem. This is very helpful @dalz.

Time to try and push the Steemleo numbers up to an even greater number. It is one of the best tribes and the activity should reflect that. Anything short of Number 1 is unacceptable. 😊

Haha ... thanks for the support!

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The koreans win. Hands down. We need more Korean leadership and representation! :)

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Haha ... yea they are crypto savvy :)

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