Open Source Steemit Infographic

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This project is open source and free to use for anyone that wants to translate it into other languages or is in need of some steem related graphics. You can download the Ilustrator project and text here


Art bt @alenthin - Concept by @lishu

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


Very nice.

A little feedback: I suggest in the section about "investing in the platform", to highlight that most people invest time and effort, not money, into growing their account. However, investing money is still a valid option.

Yes, you are correct. This is just a first iteration and we will for sure improve on it. If you have any more feedback, feel free to contribute :)

Hello! @lishu, Project is good and plane is also good but it will be grow up
what is your opinion? dude

I don't quite understand the question, are we talking about this graphics project or the steem project?

Hi there, great work! I have a few comments

  1. My understanding is that you don't or rather can't grow your VP. Everyone has 100% which diminishes everytime you vote. Nothing you can do to to increase it other than wait. VP x SP will determine how much is attrubuted to a post from the reward pool

  2. Would it be better to move the two sections about what is a post to be the second section, so you explain what is content creation first, ie the What, and then talk about the How you get rewarded.

Really appreciate the feedback, thanks.

  1. I'm sorry, but I don't follow when you said you cannot grow voting power. As you said, VP x SP determines the voting power, and if you grow your SP this will increase the value.

  2. You are right with this, it's a much more logical approach.

Everyone starts off with 100% VP regardless of your SP. Every time you upvote you use up some of your VP, and your VP recharges by 20% each day. This is from Steemit FAQ

How many times can I vote without depleting my voting power?
Every 100% vote you cast will use 2% of your remaining voting power. Your voting power will recharge by 20% each day. You can vote more than 10 times per day, but each vote will be worth less, and it will take longer to reach full voting power again.

Therefore, technically you can't grow your VP. The only thing you can grow is your SP. Together, VP and SP determines how much your upvote attributes to a post from the reward pool.

By the way, this point is in relation to your statement "In order to grow the voting power you have to invest in the platform"

I understand now, thanks for clearing it up. There is confusion in terms there, you are correct.

After I read your Post about this, maybe I will ciba translate into our language, thank you for Postingan you give

You are welcome, you can translate and modify anything you want!

You are welcome, you
Can translate and modify
Anything you want!

                 - lishu

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks again for the trust and I will do it for my posting in these two days.