God; the Restorer

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Some people get worried, almost to an extend of disheartenment when it seems they have not been able to carry out their goals for success within a period of time frame. Don’t be like that! If you are under pressure because of what you want to complete within a period of time, then you become a servant or slave to time. Make use and invest your time in a sensible way, but don't be a slave to time.

When prophet moses prayed to the Lord, he prayed that “...teach us to number our days, that we may put to use our hearts unto wisdom” Everyday you live is a chance to get so much done, just schedule your day in a proper way. Live your best life every day. Do what you have to do pursue the purpose God has given to you, and trust God’s powe; the Spirit He put you over. But while you are doing it, be aware that you live in atemporality; The God’s realm of life where time is an interruption.

In addition, achievement is relative; so, it is determined at different stages. So, never become sad just because you never seen all want you ever wanted. check where you are at the moment and make the important correction; absorb the learnings it require and go ahead. Achievement is also by grace; so, be more awake of the advantaged grace; Divine ability of God make you excel more than your dreams. Psalm 37:4-5 says, “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Commit your way unto God; trust in him also; and he shall make it come true. There is Nothing hard for, or not possible God; our Lord. So, trust in God; He is the one that restores time and he is the one that restores wasted years. Trust God's ability to make you all He has for you to be. He is more ardent about your success than you could ever imagine. He is able to do for you or make you to succeed in a second, what should have taken you five or ten years to achieve naturally. So, just stand firm on God's Word and don't gripe or afraid about your achieve and dreams.