[Trips.teem] Game changer for the travel industry based on the Steem Blockchain

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Hi, @jayplayco here.

We have seen a lot of great services from entrepreneurs already building working products based on the whitepaper of SMT and working hard to make get SMT full with killer d'Apps. @steemhunt is already running their service beginning this year and gathering all gadget geeks within and outside the Steem community together - www.steemhunt.com. @tasteem has also launched their global service for a few months and are running contests to promote food stories and local restaurants -www.tasteem.io. @dclick is bringing finally advertisement similar like Google Adsense to Steem and had started to extend the service from the Korean market to the international market -www.dclick.io. We have additional service announced like @dstors, targeting d-commerce and running for an MVP end of January.

All these services are targeting not only the Steem community itself but at the end trying to break out and reach the audience outside. So the landscape, even in a very bearish market, for Steem does really looks great to attract users outside the Blockchain environment.

1. What is trips.teem?


Homepage: https://en.tripsteem.com/

This time I would like to introduce @trips.teem, a still not well-known service outside the Korean community of Steem, as they have started their English service a few days ago. There had been an announcement from @snackplus, who is running this service through his company and you can find it here.

Original announcement: https://steempeak.com/witness-category/@snackplus/what-is-trips-teem-and-witness-introduction

Trip.steem is a platform for travel bloggers, agencies and travel-related companies. Trips.teem is going to build up in total four pillars into its service.

2. The four pillars of trips.teem

Trips.teem is planning to integrate four different services into its platform. The final goal would be to create a working economy that is rewarding the travel bloggers and also delivers high-quality content that can easily found based on categories and keywords. Travel agencies and travel-related companies would find influencers and advertisement opportunities to their direct target group and could also offer separate travel related product through the store.

Four Pillars of trips.teem

a. Story

  • Travel community service. Part of the services, like posting travel stories are live and already running on the platform.
    1. The main purpose here is to offer an optimized platform for travel bloggers to share their stories.
    2. Curations are categorized into different countries and categories
    3. Posted travel stories, comments, and upvotes will be rewarded with trips.teem's tokens. (Before SMT, the trips.teem bot is upvoting posts)
    4. Planned to integrate matching advertisement to the travel story and share the profit with the travel blogger.

b. Review

  • A transparent review system on the Steem blockchain (planned to make it accessible for travel agencies per API)
    1. Reviews for hotels, pensions, guesthouses, even Airbnb hostings.
    2. Review of touristic places (Cities, Countries, touristic attractions)
    3. Review of events and restaurants

c. Shop

  • Shop with travel-related products and payment with trips.teem tokens, Steem, and SBD. (already started to co-work with travel agencies in Korea and is needed to expand when the international service is out of beta)
    1. Flight tickets and hotel bookings (could also include rental car services)
    2. Souvenirs from different countries/cities
    3. Travel photography

d. Planner

  • Optimized service for travel planning
    1. Using the trips.teem "Story" and "Review" database to recommend personalized travels.
    2. Sharing of travel plans & budgets among users


3. Roadmap

The current roadmap is planned like below, but due to some uncertainties regarding SMT, some milestones could be shifted or rescheduled.


4. Delegation Plan

Trip.steem has started their delegation plan and gathered already 283K Steem power. It is planned to launch in total 1 billion tokens and as almost all SMT based projects, the token is planned to be inflatable.

[trips.teem Token distribution plan]

Rewards for delegators

Delegators get 4 TMT Tokens per 50 Steem power per day allocated. Additional benefits will be announced separately. As an example, if I delegate 1000 Steem power to trips.teem I would gain (1000/50x4) 80 TMT tokens per day and 2400 tokens per 30 days.

100SP,500SP, 1,000SP, 3,000SP, 5,000SP, 10,000SP, 20,000SP, 50,000SP, 100,000SP, 500,000SP

Visit and join @trips.teem! You can reach them in their discord channel. https://discord.gg/yZdZRKr



This sounds great. I’ve kept an eye on them to see how it will work out [given all challenges we know rather well]. Travel and “content creation” is a huge niche and way too stale since way too long. Not necessarily a low hanging fruit due to huge amount of money spent on it and high quality players benefitting large shares of traffic but it’s great to see it on this blockchain. An obvious match.

PS: I think you mean the “four pillars”. While I can imagine pillows being comfortable while reviewing and planning... :D

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Yes, I mean pillars and will get my pillows back to change it with the needed pillars. haha Thanks Mayhem!

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