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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz

I started playing Drakons.io in April, after one of my good friends Patric suggested it. Check out his awesome article HERE

I joined and got my first drakon, then I started looking around for more info. After I found a link to the @Drakonsio Telegram room and was warmly welcomed by the admins, especially ArchAngel. I cannot thank this Princess enough for all her kind help and especially a big Thank you to Allen and Rachelle and of course The Boss man Cris.

When I started playing like everyone, learning the moves and cards, I won a few, lost a few more lol. I was hooked, and I was very fortunate to be selected in the Water team for the Tournament, and we Won the competition! Being in a team helped a lot, they helped mentoring with card arrangements and Battlefield challenges. I would also Like to thank Elric the wizard (David) for his Support and Help in drakons also. Check him out on Youtube.

Well what can I say, I'm hooked and recommend you come and join us in the telegram group Drakonsio. Don’t forget to Say hello to me CryptoTaz and the Drakon Masters.

The game has Great Graphics and gameplay, you can challenge friends or try the RANKED game. Win medals and rank up to become a Drakon master. I will be a Drakon Master one Day may the Drakon Force be with me. All I can say is give it a go, try it out and if your into strategy and card combination game, come enjoy the great graphics and gameplay. Also The team have a lot of Future plans and Partnerships in the pipeline. And more Tournaments with Prizes and exclusive Drakons (possibly one with Dappstats.com (more info) which I'm super excited about! Not to mention the fact the editor has added this without me knowing!)

Drakons Twitter and more about the team

Also Join the Drakons Twitter Page lots of Giveaways and Especially look out For Rachelles post as she’s the main Person to Follow for all the New News information Rewards and Giveaways. (Oh yeh just to say it again Thank you Rachelle for the giveaways and prizes!)

OH i did not want to leave this until the Bottom as this would not be Fair the the Hard Working Team that are Behind the scene and we dont See Them but sometimes they pop out to Say hello or to give a Update if game needed Updating, eermmm whom are these underground Creatures, ooops the Humans, Yes i mean humans. On behalf of the Community and as a player I would like to Give them a Thank you.

Great Job Guys and keep it up as I know it can be hard work getting the code right. But you guys need a Pat on the Back, So Cris and Allan I hope you give these Guys a Hello From Me. As I no that I have mention it and the are busy same as the Arty work and Design Team who create the designs of all these then they are Created. Well Thanks to all this has achieved a remarkable game that I love.

Game Play and more

Here's some game Play and Drakons Elements info to get started for all you newbies there's lots more info to come. Hope it Helps and please Comment your Idea's and maybe Follow me on Twitter im CryptoTaz all over but you can find me as CryptoTazy on Twitter. Please come check out my social Hub also TickerTaz where I keep everything upto date!

So as you will love to play as I have as I have give this game a Good Testing out with Browser and Also on Mobile. Both versions look Amazing and are easily playable. Andriod Mobile is great you just play in the in app Trust Dapp browser or link via MetaMask.

What is Drakons ?

Each Drakon is unique. These Drakons will mode to refine your skill and then head over fight against others. You can practice in the Classic to the Ranked mode to gain medals, which will increase your rank.
As you’d expect, Drakons have a set amount of Health Points or HP. During battles, remaining HP decides which Drakon wins.
I'll drop the FAQ from Drakons here, and Drakons tutorial here there's too much for me to cover at once!


Drakons are classified based on their habitat, the place where they evolved from. First of all, there are four basic elements (all images rights belong to drakons.io/about) :

Air Drakons

Earth drakons

Fire Drakons

Water Drakons

And then there are two evolutions -- Metal and Frost:



The Drakons with these two elements are rumored to be more powerful. The Frost Drakon is an evolution of the Water Drakon, and the Metal Drakon is thought to be the evolution of the Earth and Fire elements. Check out the newly released Legendary Metal Drakons! The evolved Drakons have just become fit for taming, so keep your eyes peeled and you might be able to grab your first-ever evolved Drakon!

Besides regular and evolved Drakons, there are also Special Edition and Limited Edition Drakons

Some of the previously released Drakons include releases during Chinese New Year 2020 and Also Valentine Edition.

Recommended Epic 1st editions. Keep eye out for Twitter for more information Also now available is the Nagemon Edition Water Drakon. These Drakons are rare and very limited in their supply.

Also the Team Will slowly Release More Edition as only information I am aware of is PYRO 2, and as you may have seen that there are 2 more Elements in the Game Metal and Frost, as im aware i think these will be released this year slowly and are going to join the in with great power and Amour. Rachelle and the team have said in Telegram and it will be Tweeted as Soon as Available and in Telegram and Discord. So yeah Drakons is here as a NFT Asset Owned by you and traceable in the Market Place.

Technically, the Special and Limited Edition Drakons are specially designed to possess high attributes so they're stronger than regular Drakons. They’re also going to be costlier than generic Drakons. Also the Epic 1st edition is to be having a new Suprise Coming Soon with extra powers and More.

And there is much Great news for the Most Anticipated and Awaited Drakon just before FROST is the Metal Drakon Release.more information will be posted By drakons team and i will also Post on my feeds in Twitters and Social Media as Crypto Taz.

A final thank you to some special people:

Just Like to Say a Thank you To All Drakon Master. Especially Patric Dappsbuzz and David the Wizard whos guides and videos are awesome! . BIG THANK YOU To Princess ArchAngel and the Drakon Admin Team. Also all the Good friends iv made here also. Thx Guys and hope to do a few more Soon. Please Comment Below and share your Thought. One final massive shout out to SlothlyD who managed to make this article almost readable! You're the best Bro!

Links and Information

PLAY THE GAME : Become a Drakon Master:


Dapps.Buzz Drakons Article

Drakons telegram

Drakons Discord


My_rachel's Twitter (catch the giveaways!)


Image and Lore from Drakons.io/about

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz