Is this best valentine for Steemians!! What's up with Tron+steem news?

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While world celebrating the valentine's Day, it's not less here for Steemians too!!

With the tweet from Justin Sun regarding #steem2.0 and hinting about taking over steem(?) rising the price high and high!!🙌

Already this tweet is going viral in crypto communities and the hype is going up. You can see the price is already running. Hope we reach back to $$$.

Justin sun mentioned there will be AMA along with @ned regarding the this ! Hope we get clarity about the path ahead of us and in which direction this may leads to.

This may be confusing , however the steem'nane gonna be on headlines for some time 😍! Which is any way wonderful. Tron team has very good name as marketers in crypto community and surely they will do same with Steem to reach masses!!

Bonus news

Poloniex getting back Steem on their exchange pretty soon and it is a big climb for the steem as to compete with other crypto.

Both are best news for the valentine's Day for Steemians! The future seems pretty moving forward rather steem stuck at 0.1 and go still down.

Thank you for reading.


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