Nationalism and social programs.. a scary combo!

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In case you missed it, Trump pledged on Twitter to end immigration during the pandemic. Evidently an attempt to change the narrative from the intense criticism his administration is facing over the blunderous handling over the coronavirus outbreak. So far, only new green cards are blocked and the ban intends to be in place temporarily for 60 days.


This is one of the most hideous and mean-spirited public policy moves a President could make. it completely undermines the argument that anti-immigration Republicans are just interested in the rule of law. It is a direct attack on legal immigration that has no relationship whatsoever to pandemic response.

At a time when the United States should be gearing up for a decades-long global confrontation against China, the president of the United States has chosen to weaken us by pushing away some of the world's brightest minds who may want to come and contribute to our economic and scientific development. Closing the door to law-abiding immigrants hurts the US economy and damages our national security.

The United States should do exactly the opposite: expedite green cards for Visa holders who are contributing to our pandemic response. Tens of thousands of doctors, nurses and other health professionals are here on temporary visas, putting their lives on the line to save American lives. We should show them our gratitude by expediting green cards for them and for their families.

We should be signalling to the world that we are the place for high achievers and ambitious people to come and realise their dreams. We should be tearing down barriers, not raising them.

The American dream is not just for people who have special blue passports. It is for anyone who believes in capitalism and hard work, in innovation and in freedom.

America cannot triumph over the evil Mafia led by Xi Jinping by closing ourselves off to the world and pushing away those who would become part of our great republic. We must open ourselves up to the world and we must live our values as the most capitalist and free country on Earth.



It's not like a sensible course of action is expected from him anyway... It's a little bit curious to say the least, but it seems that he actually will win the re-election. I really don't understand why so many US citizens support him

What sickens me is there are going to be people commenting either here or elsewhere, defending this. These people have to lose in November.

I think the issue with most US citizens are faces is the lack of real options out there... IMO a bipartisan democracy is not good enough when the decisions the elected president will have on the world have the impact that the US president decisions have... Cuz' people voted for Trump because Obama failed to keep his word on the promises he made, he stockpile debt, destroyed more countries to protect US interests on the other side of the world (I know there's bad people there, but still if you keep adding body bags over body bags there will be no end to that he'll for people living over there, hence we have terrorist that feels that their action are somehow bestowed with some kind of justice, and also you have lots of immigrants flowing out from those countries).

Trump just is surfing the feeling lots of US citizens have for the last couple of decades of terrible administrations... And when some start to realize that this man is crazy (to say the least) they know that the option is not precisely a man who can improve the situation too much. Actually the opposite, the other alternative is the exact same face that represents the problems that put Trump on office... So what to do? It's complicated because the system seems to be unable to give the US citizens a reasonable political leadership

When I saw the tweet, it lead me to think "is US absolutely self-reliant enough that it will not need the services of other brilliant minds from other countries especially in this period?". In my opinion, this is the time to even open up to welcome more "friendlies".

... expedite green cards for Visa holders who are contributing to our pandemic response.

Truism. I think I share the same opinion with you here.