Twitter Bans Trump Permanately

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So, Twitter did a thing and suspended Trumps account permanantly.

He joined Parler and crashed it.

Maybe make some comments on the tweets about it talking about Hive.

It's a good time to have a crypto social media platform. With crypto.

ATHs for BTC and 80 million people pissed at twitter.

For the record, I think Trump is a dick, but I also think this is ridiculous, to ban him for using words.



The central companies are all about banning free speech. Whether you like him or not banning a president, current or former, from a platform is pathetic. How fragile do people have to be to stoop this low? Unfortunately banning answers how fragile they are.

He's been on Parler for a couple of years...maybe it wasn't the traffic that crashed it...

Parler is now being removed from Google play and soon, probably, the Apple App store

It's an opportunity to scoop up some of Trump's followers. Who knows, Trump could get into this himself but I consider that unlikely.

Too bad LeoFinance and its Lightning layer is the only app capable of providing a user experience even close to what Web 2.0 can.

Big opportunity for hive here. I came to steem originally only because it is censorship resistant. A lot of Americans across political perspectives are waking up that traditional social media is shaped and throttled to serve as political propaganda.