Sermon of the Covid Cult

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I would say that I've taken the last two weeks "off" but that would be a lie. I haven't written but as I've, said before, I work in the shipping industry. The Christmas holiday is always a nightmare for us and when that overwhelming workload is combined with the Covid labor shortages that result from unnecessarily restrictive return-to-work policies and the increased shipping demands of those who are too frightened to conduct their daily business, it has made the last few weeks a living hell for those of us who remain on the job. I'm not here to write about work though.


I see the birth and mass acceptance of a new religious cult and I fear that it is a dark one.

The devotees preach their new scripture to the masses so that they may understand the new "truth" which we must all accept in order to be allowed access into their new kingdom: Obey those who know better than we! Covid hunts when people run free. Don't you see? Isn't that all you see? There's nothing else you're allowed to see. As It should be, because CNN, Facebook, Joe Biden all really care about me.


They want us to know that they are the only source of truth and only through their truth will we find salvation from the virus. Just don't look when their truth is demonstrably false because facts are fake news which could be harmful to the people who see them. Don't worry though, our saviors will protect us from that kind truth which make it really easy to listen to their new treuer truth.

Listening is a great thing too, because our benevolent priestly class will tell us how to live a pure life free from the sinful acts that spread Covid. Don't go to bars or eat out. Don't have contact with others. Cover your filthy faces to stop the spread and, as an added benefit, it limits your nonverbal communication and hides your misery from your betters. Isolate yourselves so as to be as weak and alone as possible because it protects others from your deadly breathing. Have no hopes and dreams for the future because there is a virus about so everything must be set aside for the greater good. Don't worry about upward mobility either because that is impossible now but the government may bless you with assistance if you mind your p's and q's in its better new world. Let them inject you with poorly tested Covid vaccines that may or may work or make you sick. Most importantly, always remember that the path to freedom lies through total submission.


Maybe my mocking of the mantras of the Covid Cult carries things beyond the absurd but I am not certain that it does. I heard a man say that he is doing his part by staying home. I see people making clowns of themselves wearing ridiculous amounts of ineffective "protective" gear. I see them freak out at the formerly innocuous sound of a cough or a sneeze from across an empty building. Those who don't know better, look to unapologetic propagandists for guidance, and submit to their whims without question. Many adhere to the most nonsensical "safety measures" with religious fervor and look to persecute anyone who questions them. This shit is getting fucking spooky, if you ask me.


The devotees to this new cult are the least of our problems, however. They are being guided by the collative sermons of their priestly class in the media, in politics , and in the tech sector who control the flow of "acceptable" information. These are corrupt organizations and individuals with agendas that do not benefit the people who are foolish enough to believe their lies and half-truths and they are actively attempting to take control of our cultures. Worse, people are complying with this openly hostile act because they have been taught to fear an invisible enemy that hides among their friends, peers, and family.

We are weak when we are silent and alone and we are submissive when we are afraid so we must resist the isolation and fear that is being imposed upon us if we hope to remain free from the oppression to this new cult. We must have the fortitude to speak out against it even when they try to shout us down. We must not comply with its impositions into our lives. Most importantly, we must remain tethered to the others around us because isolation will be our destruction.


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It's a strange cult indeed. Recently my husband's aunt, in the UK, died. She had dementia and kept wandering the cold streets at night, which culminated in her developing pneumonia. Naturally she was admitted to hospital and tested for the dreaded disease. She didn't have it. However, she was placed on a rona ward and her death certificate has the plague as her cause of death. She can't, therefore, be dressed for her burial. The body cannot be touched.

MIL knows she didn't have rona and realises that this would increase statistics falsely, but still doesn't see a problem with it. The government and healthcare system had supported her for so long now, I don't know if she could do anything, but support it.

I hear a lot of that kind of thing. One of my regular customers works for a law office that deals with wills and inheritance. She tells me that since Covid started heart attack and stroke deaths have dropped dramatically as alleged covid deaths have risen. However, despite being the one spreading this information, she still often criticizes one of my other coworkers for not wearing his mask. It is like she knows that, to some degree at least, it is kind of a scam but still wants to enforce anti-Covid rules measures.

Ahh, the joys of cognitive dissonance! 😆


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Resist. As much as as it takes and more. We will not comply. Let reality know that we do not agree with this cult at all and that we use our free voice to say NO to all of it.

We can beat these maggots by exposing them and now is the time


Don't worry about upward mobility either because that is impossible now but the government may bless you with assistance if you mind your p's and q's in its better new world.

Ive given up all hope, upward mobility with no structural, societal, or family fortune advantages would be impossible now. I dont wish for gov assistance either. It is just me and me alone in this covid world.

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