Conspiracies Are Not Real!

in #truth7 months ago

birds are not real.jpeg

Recently, the Birds are not real movement has come out as being a parody of conspiracy theories everywhere. I, for one, have learned my lesson. I now know that Conspiracies Are Not Real! The leader of this wake-up movement, Peter Mcindoe, is now headlining the up-coming Fact Checking Conference.

There are some who claim there are conspiracies. The Italian mob was a conspiracy. People conspire to commit crimes all the time. This is why we have the RICO Law. But, in fact, the RICO law was created to entrap innocent people who just happen to become rich because of some other people commiting crimes. Every time you have two or three people commit crimes that accomplish the same goal, such as a bank robbery, they are all acting alone. There Is No Conspiracy!

You might ask, is The Government conspiring to punish these poor souls with this unfair law? No! Conspiracies Are Not Real! The legislature members who voted for this bill all did so on their own without discussing or coordinating with each other.


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