John and Tony Podesta, Political Scumbags Pt 1 - Collectors of Paedophile 'Art'.

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John and Tony Podesta are an example of the worst kind of scum humanity has to offer.

John is the former counselor to the President of the United States under Barack Obama, Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton and Chairman of the failed 2016 Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign. A clear example of the type of disgusting individuals that wander the halls of power in the world today.

There is a lot of chatter flying around at this current time regarding John Podesta and his possible links to Chester Bennington (lead singer of Linkin Park) who died a few days ago in suspicious circumstances however I'll leave that for now along with other shocking revelations about the brothers (including pizzagate) that have come out over the past few years as this post is about their art collections. I'll get into the other stuff in later posts.

Tony is a lobbyist and fundraiser best known for founding the Podesta group. The Podesta group have lobbied for many institutions such as BP & Bank of America. The group have been involved in many political campaigns and were closely connected to the Barack Obama administration.

I will warn you at this point that the 'artworks' owned by the Podesta's are disturbing to say the least and will be upsetting for some. The idea of this post is not to shock or upset it is to highlight how paedophilia and torture is being glorified by certain sections of the art world and how people at the highest level of the current power structure condone it by paying large sums of money to own it.

Ask yourself this question, as a decent human being would you ever consider owning paintings that show children being tortured and abused? Of course not, the thought sickens most people. But not John and Tony Podesta.

The pictures start here so if you need to skip them please do but take the time to finish the post and comment as child abuse as a subject is important and needs highlighting so it can be stamped out.

There are those who will argue it is indeed valid art and I suppose it is, however I have a real problem with people that seek to own the pieces and display them with pride. Please don't make comments defending the owners of the art as I won't respond. The ownership of the pieces goes to show the character of the owners as far as I'm concerned.

This is the work of Serbian 'artist' Biljana Djurdjevic.


You may think it's not that bad but it gets more disturbing.


There is no condoning seeing children is such compromising positions.


This set is by Kim Noble, who is said to have suffered satanic ritual abuse.


It is not my intention to criticise the artists for their work especially if they were the victims of the type of abuse depicted, it is the buyers and owners that give me the creeps. Abuse victims often have an awful time even expressing what has happened to them and if art is their only outlet I would never judge. Having been a victim of abuse as a child (although I will say nothing to the extent of what is depicted here) I understand the issues of communicating your feelings.

I don't care what anyone says, you would need to be very disturbed to enjoy looking at this on your wall at home.


There are others but I think I've made my point. Why would anyone of sound mind want to collect this kind of art? You might say they are supporting an artist who had a dreadful experience but as later posts will show that is really not the case when it comes to these awful men. Too much has come to light recently regarding these two for it to be a benevolent purchase.

Below is a picture of John Podesta in his campaign office when he was running Hillary Clinton's failed attempt at the Presidency, it depicts 2 men preparing to cannibalise another! Why would any one want that on their office wall if they were a normal caring person?


There is definately something really wrong with John and Tony Podesta and in Pt 2 I will be delving into there alledged links to Pizzagate and other high profile criminality. Please take time if you are in any doubt about the morality of these men to take a look at the many videos that have been made regarding these dreadful men and their equally dreadful art collection. There are many more paintings a sculptures depicting horrific scenes.

I will just embed one video for you as it show the extent of the collection as its not all child related but believe me most of it is really weird. This post has been a mere glimpse into the lives of these twisted individuals who sit near the top of the Washington DC power structure. Future posts will reveal more.

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Scum Attracts Scum....
With the likes of Killary at the forefront of PodestaTheMolesta trio....

Is it any surprise they are ALL satanic, cannibalistic freaks?

I think the constant connections to marina abromavić is interesting to note....They seem like best friends with that witch.

Agreed. The fact that they flaunt it is the most disturbing thing for me. It show the press is either corrupt, controlled or just moronic.
I suspect it's all of the above.

I Think the secret to that is, Consent.

They can't go against Natural Law or Karmic Law-Whatever you want to label it-And thus they have to tell us what they are doing.

thats why everything is hidden in plain sight, imho <3

If we didn't consent on some level--->They wouldn't get away with it the way they do..... <3

I totally agree, they've got us locked down in a cage of political correctness, not us the masses.

Those art exibits say it all.

Doesn't it. Real scumbags those two.
Thanks for reading Rhonda

I know a tonne of normal, caring people. I also know a tonne of not so caring people and NONE of them have remotely close to anything like this on their walls. Anyone making an excuse for this shit, is so deeply asleep it ain't even funny!! People will excuse anything to not have to look at, and understand the truth about these monsters! They just can't come to terms with the fact that they have been bamboozled. It's infuriating. These sick bastards need to be taken out of our society. They are to this day, still harming little kids, and getting away with it because of the silent consent of the masses.

Well said @lyndsaybowes

I could not agree more!

Well, these kinds of people in the US garner up political support by being "democrat", which means they get to call their opponents, "pigs" ect ect. For some reason, a lot of US citizens are just kind of dull about how they are continuously played every political cycle.

If Hitler ran as a Dem. he'd get at least 30% of the vote. Republican, at least 25%. As long as we get that party on there, it's all that matters.

I know it's a bloody disgrace the cognitive dissonance of the majority of the public.
And I agree fully, these sick bastards do indeed need taken out of our society.
Thanks for your passionate comment. We need people with that kind of fire in their belly @lindsaybowes if we're going to take these scumbags down.

Well that's pretty fucking disturbing. I didn't even know this kind of art existed.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks @choogirl
Terrible stuff, I feel for the artists if it's the only outlet for their pain but the collectors disgust me.

I don't care what anyone says, you would need to be very disturbed to enjoy looking at this on your wall at home.

Bang on @tremendospercy

Anyone that gains pleasure from seeing this so-called 'art' needs help.

Great post!

Thanks buddy and thanks for your pointers. Your work is brilliant so I always welcome your input and critique.

The curtain is opening on this facade. Eventually there will be enough will of the people to bring this all to an end. Well sick minds exist so this can never be eradicated.

Still the idea that this is so pervasive within the various global power structures is really quite alarming. I've also been of the understanding that human organ trafficking is very much a driver in all of this.

Keep up these posts Percy, my friend, your voice will rise as one with the others who are doing their best to get the hearts, eye's and ears of the sheeple opened and incensed. <3

Thanks for the kind words, there are many trying to get the truth out here now. Check out @steemtruth @ancientmystique and @perceptualflaws they're all doing amazing posts.

Anything I can do to help...I mean that...start with the most vile and the rest of the rats will scurry from every direction...then...well one would like to think there'd be a lot of room for improvement for the next generations.

Wondering if you're aware of thelightreports

Shocking, disgusting and vomit inducing! these images go far beyond disturbing at not only hint but shout from the rooftops about the sick mind of anyone that would proudly display this as "art" within their own house. When will this end? how can we continue to allow scum like this to rule our world and make decisions that affect every man, woman and child?? Wake up people.

Those in denial just say "I mean I don't like it but you know, modern art is often "provocative" and just cause I don't like it doesn't mean that it should be illegal or that people who like it are pedophiles" And they apply the same logic to Marina Abramovic and her gory rituals. They are ignoring the obvious. They hang up depictions of children being tortured on their walls! Call it what you want! IT IS SICK! And they just happen to be implicated in a global pedophile ring... sending coded messages to each other and performing weird spirit cooking rituals! The effort it must take to convince yourself that these are all innocent coincidences has to be immense, it's almost impressive.

Cognitive dissonance is a disease affecting so many these days.

This Is Truly Sick Stuff How Come These Guys Aren't Locked Up Yet The Is No Excuse For This Type Of Behaviour

They're not locked up because they're serious Washington power brokers protected by the system. It's bloody criminal. Thanks for reading and commenting dude.

Lock the rats up or better bang!!!!

I'd take them to the woodshed and be done with it.

Only way to get shit done bro

I bet Katy Perry loves it. That dumb bitch made her last album out of a soul cooking.

I suspect she is another victim of systemic abuse.
So many I that industry are.
Indoctrinated into satanic abusive practices and then used to promote it. Sick, sick ,sick.

truth...let us not hold ill will for the's the perps we want on pikes...and I'm not talking just their heads here...I'll let your imaginations figure out what I mean...not that cryptic really!

The Podesta boys do love their Pizza.

Twisted bastards the pair of them.

I hope when they are found guilty, someone takes them out back and shoots them. Public executions for serial sadistic satanic pedophiles.

I'd buy a ticket to watch that.

Don't forget the picture of John with his finger bandaged the day after some weird Satanic get together where blood is supposedly taken.

They are twisted, depraved people. I'll do more on them soon.

Make sure you hug a puppy and get some sun between deep dives. This stuff is depressing.

The ownership of the pieces goes to show the character of the owners as far as I'm concerned.

☝🏼 Point blank, my stomach is turning at those painful paintings.. thanks for bring awareness to an otherwise unknown character trait

Another thing that disturbed me was the mainstream newspapers in the UK did a report about the Podesta's 'philanthropy' in the art world but didn't mention the context of the works. It was an op-ed pro-Hillary piece.
If I was a politician these dirtbags would be in jail not planning my campaigns and running my staff. Goes to show the morality of the political classes.

WOW, I had no idea about that either! It is beyond distributing.

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I just posted a whistleblower testimony from a Senior British Policeman who claims he was repeatedly stopped from pursuing prosecution of Child Rape/Murder/Prostitution Gangs in England by his bosses. I am not aware of anything similar anywhere on the web.

I'm aware of that kind of pressure from a friend on the force, it's a disgrace and demoralising for the good guys.
I'll go check it out.