Buy And Stake And We'll Match

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Buy And Stake Details:

Hello, Tunes fans! We are running a Buy & Stake and Match contest. How it works is you have to buy Tunes off the market here. Then just reply in the comments below with a screenshot of your purchase.

Then go to our discord here to post steemit user name plus a screenshot of purchase to validate the purchase. We do this to make sure you are the real person behind it and not multiple people. Once this is validated we'll match your purchase!

Further Details:

  • Min. 25 Tunes - Max. 125 tunes - MUST STAKE to be considered valid.
  • Runs for 24 hours from time of post

So how about it? want to start the process of becoming a TUNES orca , or whale! go buy on the market!


1000 buy


and stake @mk-tunes-token


Thanks for participating!!!! Currently our max Match is 125. Our match has been sent to your wallet!!!

Purchased and stacked 25 TUNES


Looks good!

Thanks ))

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Glad to participate and promote tunes to the top

purchased 125 and staked that baby
Thanks for the encouragement

Great to have you here!!!!

Hello, friends.

Seconds ago I bought 42 TUNES and staked them:


Ps: I've also fully upvoted and resteemed this post ;)

Thanks for spreading the love!!!!!

Hey ho, that was quick. Thanks!

I confirm the receipt of 42 TUNES:

And an immediate stake of aforementioned tokens :)

Ps: don't worry about the price drop. It's the long turn value that counts. Building the community and the content is the next step.

Good luck!

Hello @steemvision

I bought 125 TUNES and staked it already.


I have bought and staked 125 TUNES.



Bought 125 and staked! Will also advise via discord. Cheers

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 1.13.08 am.png

I am here ! 50 Tunes stakes


A shame I been too late to the party :-) - bought 250 some days ago.

Thank you for the drop... staked! :)