Have You Heard Of The Tunes Tribe Yet? If Not Read This Post!!!!

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A music tribe catering to Artists as well as fans.

Steem-Engine has given the Steem Blockchain the ability to create Tokens that cater to your community. All of this before SMT's and Communities have been officially release. Just goes to show how powerful the Steem Blockchain really is. A group of intelligent individuals with no official backing delivered what the community craved. Remember this is only the beginning.

On August 9th Tunes Token was officially launched with Scot-Bot distribution. So anyone who uses #tunes #steemvision #music tags can be rewarded with Tunes via upvotes from people staking Tunes.

You can post a video of you singing or a review on your favorite 2019 album. If you just post a link to a Youtube video odds are it will not get rewarded. A little effort goes a long way. Top 50 hip hop lists seem to be popular on every other social medai site. Well why not here? So don't let the fact that you don't make music discourage you from making a post!!!

After 10 days we have over 67k Tunes already staked on the network!!!! 400 users!!!
Steemers have definitely shown interest in a community dedicated to music. Our discord has over 180 users already. These may not seem like big numbers but all of us here on the Tunes team are very pleased with the response from the community. If you have not joined the discord click here and check us out!!!!

We also have a front end where any users can see how much their posts have earned. Anyone with a Steem account can access our site. Special thanks to @aggroed and his entire team for being extra patient with us while setting up our front-end.

Check Out TheTunes Token Front-End Today And Join The Tribe!!!!

What's Next?

Honestly most tribes have one goal i mind. Get as many users as possible!!!! This is very true here at Tunes. Without users there really is no point. So for the next couple months we will be focusing on trying to spread the word to as many people as possible. Right now we have bounties running please check the discord for mor info.

Not everyone wants to create posts or even curate for that matter. Some have taken a much different approach to how they maneuver in this Token economy. We really have some hardcore Stakers and Miners. We have not forgotten you!!!!!
The very next change we are making is introducing Staking pools and Miners. Not sure exactly which will come first but they are both on the agenda. Hopefully if all goes well users will have this before the end of the month if not sooner. We will be making a more in depth post detailing the break down for the reward pool once Staking Pools and miners are added.

As for price we have not yet decided on an official price for miners. But we do know that we want to make it affordable for all users big and small. This way everyone has a chance to get their slice of the pie.

Airdrop Update

We have officially completed the airdrop and are no longer giving out 50 Tunes tokens. We had a couple hiccups trying to give them to people who left comments but this was highly abused. We were able to pause the Airdrop before malignant users had the chance to scam us. Some slipped through the cracks and most of those users have already dumped the tokens. For those who were not able to get in fear not!!!! We are still giving away tokens to users who come in our Discord Don't miss out on all the bounties and chance to get to know the community. Most of the biggest curators hang out here so come on by and chat for a bit.

Current Contest

Our first contest will be Hip Hop related with a prize pool of 1750k Tunes!!!!!!
Check out the contest post here

If you have any questions please leave a comment below or come chat with us

Have a wonderful TuneDay!!!!!


A very good information for all users who make or promote music. Better to be few but loyal to the project, but many and abusive.
I will share the contest information in my program and I hope you will be encouraged. It is best wishes for the entire Tunes team. Good vibes.

Liked/Resteemed, thx for shoutout @aggroed

@steemvision, Good to hear about this Tribe and for sure everyone have to be careful towards the Scams. Hope that this tribe will achieve effective adoption.

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WOooo hoooO!!!

cool! I wish success for this project, I spread the word <3

While I can only marginally contribute to Hip Hop - but will try tomorrow given we have #RapThursday which was created on the #steem chain already I will give my best!

The Tunes Tribe is awesome which I tried to put in some context with my post. Connecting lovers and creators is a perfect idea!

A small promotion piece written with heart :-) https://www.tunestoken.com/tunes/@musicgeek/why-i-love-tunes-tribe-listen-to-some-disco-house-tunes-while-reading

Hello @steemvision, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!