IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We Will Be Rewarding Post Of The Day With 100 Tunes!!!!

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Just a little incentive for users to go the extra mile

Since we started we have had many users start using the #tunes tag. We have seen all different types of posts ranging from a simple YouTube link to tons of original music. Things are not perfect but our community is growing little by little.

Since we started we have been selecting posts every day and linking it in our discord along with upvoting the posts as well. Since we are in the very early stages we would like to reward early adopters for their efforts. So the Tunes team decided we would give the post of the day 100 Tunes. We will be doing this for the next 30 days.

What type of posts will be picked?

A simple YouTube link will most definitely not get picked. We are looking for original work only. Wether it's an original song or an in depth album review. Be creative and think outside the box.

Winners will be announced in our discord if you have not joined yet click here to meet your fellow TUNERS!!!



It´s a great news.
Thank you very much.

Probably you wanna sell all tokens in your hands. But this is not true way.

I think this project is totally scam!!


Tunes always bringing that ht ish! Salute


I was going to ask about what kind of content is preferred on this platform, but you answered it.

I'm no musician, but I am a Rock-tragic, so love writing about it, and creating mixtapes (remember those?). Nice to know there is a home for that sort of thing aside from my usual posting on philosophy, spirituality, and other esoteric concerns.