Introducing Tunes First Contest: TUNES CYPHER #1!!!! 1750k Tunes Prize Pool Details Inside!!!

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Are you a Rapper than this is for you

Tunes Cypher #1
As promised Tunes tribe will be hosting several music related contests on a regular basis. We hope to spark creativity and competition among the many talented artists on the Steem Blockchain. Today's contest is going to be un the Hip Hop genre.

Contest Rules

  1. All contest participants must have 100 Tunes Staked in their wallets. This is a contest for our community and why not make sure we are rewarding faithful users instead of outsiders. If you do not own any you can get some here Prices are pretty cheap at the moment. Plus you can earn Tunes token via curation so it's a win win.
  2. One entry per participant
  3. Below you will find 3 Hip Hop instrumentals. You must choose one and only one instrumental to use.
  4. Once you have chosen the instrumental you like record a video of yourself performing over the beat.
  5. Lyrics must be your own.
  6. Once you have recorded your video make a post using all of these tags #tuneschyper #tunes #steemvision #music and #hiphop.
  7. Title of your post must say "Tunes Cypher #1 Contest Entry.
  8. The deadline for contest entry is 7 days from the time of this post. All users must have make the post before this post pays out on Steemit which is in 7 days.

How will the winner be chosen.

After seven days we will make a post which includes all contest entries. In the comment section we will place each submission. Tunes users will now be able to vote on the artist they like. Stake weight is irrelevant. The top three submissions will be judged by the Tunes team on discord and winners announced.

Prize Pool 1750 Tunes Token!!!!

  1. Third Place: 250 Tunes
  2. Second Place: 500 Tunes
  3. First Place: 1000 Tunes

Pick One Of the three beats below

This weeks beat type: Grimey
Producer Anno Domini Beats

Producer Ill Fortune

Producer Anno Domini Beats

Don't forget to join our Discord

Good Luck To all Participants!!!


Dope contest!great selection of the beats especially Anno Domini Beats hes a beast producer

Looking forward to your submission!!!

Thanks but I dont rap I make beats and spin on the 1 n 2's

Nice contest.

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That's a very interesting contest: I'll participate in choosing one of the contest entries.

I'm too old for singing hiphop, but will try to get into the contest my daughter...


@dmilliz, In my opinion you should show your amazing Rapping Talent. Stay blessed brother.

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Crap I missed it, was a bit busy but I will enter the next one 👏🏿 we need more contest like this in the music tribes

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Good luck for the next one.