Tunes Tribe Has Just Launched A Front-End!!!!!

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Things are moving fast!!!

We now have our very own front end running. It hasn't even been an hour!!!!

Check it out for yourselves to see if you've earned some TUNES!!

Airdrop Update

Due to the overwhelming spammy comment we are receiving we have halted our Airdrop. If you have not yet received an airdrop contact us in discord in order to receive your airdrop using this link

We want to ensure that 1000 real users receive the airdrop. Those accounts that are double dipping are making things unfair. Over 200 accounts have received the airdrop and the comment list is still growing. We are not rookies to the blockchain. From this point on we will only award the comments that we believe to be from geniune users.

Our reward pool

Our rewards pool is not going to be printing 100's of tokens per second. We are trying to ensure our tokens hold real value over time. At the moment the rewards pool will be around 2k Tunes a week roughly 80k a year. Those who choose to dump their airdrop we soon find out that same 50 tunes token will not be so easily earned.

Let the Tunes Continue!!!!!

Note: The Steemvision account will only be upvoting posts that use the Tunes tag.



OK I put in a but order for some more TUNES and will delegate to @pifc as it's a curation account designed to help undervalued posts and there are a couple people that find great music posts. Will help promote the tag when I can too.

Is there only 24 hours to vote? Just noticed that payout is in 4 hours on comments from 20 hours ago.

Yes, 24 hr vote at the moment. Not sure how long this will last but yes. Thanks for your help in curating and helping out.

@steemitqa sorry to be a pain, but a couple quick questions. It might be somewhere but didn't see the answers.

Biggest one is do you plan to allow delegation of stake? I Staked some TUNES and not seeing the ability to delegate in Steem-Engine. This is kind of a big deal to me as I'd like to help out @pifc, but not to actually send them my tokens.

Second how long in the process to remove tokens from being staked. This might matter if I am forced to "loan" PIFC my tokens vs delegating them.

Oh and is there a dust vote threshold? If so do we know how many TUNES are needed at 100% upvote to be above it?

Thanks you for the AirDrop. I am a consumer and not a Music creator, but look forward to curating the TUNES content.

Got my airdrop coins 🙌 Going to hit S-E and at least match that amount on a buy order

I just checked it...nice.
I could log in too, but no
#tunes token reached my wallet yet ;)

Congrats! I'm very interested in epic music creators. I'll stay tuned for sure. Good luck!

Really nice initiatives... #tunes

got your tune airdrop and thank you.
way to go!



Congratultions! Hope the best for Tunes.

Can i get the airdrop?

It will all be staked.


Boom! GAME ON!

The front end looks nice. Great work team

Tunes just got Lit!!!!
💯 Classic

I've not gotten any yet

Hit us up in discord again.

I did, said it was over

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Hello! I'll wait for my airdrop request I made for the discord. Finally a tribe of music to mess with our souls here. Now I can express myself better about the songs that are in tune with my life.

I want to receive my first airdrop at steem blockchain and i'm also staking 100 TUNES... Let see what happen