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Good day to all of you Mammoths and the music community on TUNZ

It’s almost time to announce our AGARTHA game Soundtrack winners in association with @agarthagame. This is a partnership we cemented earlier this year with the the Mammoth Mythics team.
After some very interesting conversations and meeting of minds, we decided that it would make perfect sense to team up and create some exciting utility for Music NFT's which can be used inside of their gameplay.

nb: The following section is taken from @agarthagame first post and we have full permission to use it for the purposes of this post.

Who are Mammoth Mythics?

Mammoth Mythics are a gaming development studio based in the UK and are the creators of Agartha.Game. Developing unique hybrid gaming solutions which unlock real digital ownership of all in-game items. They sit between a traditional gaming model that has a locked consumer system and blockchain technology, which allows for an open asset framework through immersive game types such as MMORPGs. Please visit for further information.

What is a Hybrid Game?
Hybrid gaming could bring new interesting models to the masses.
For example, Gods Unchained is a collectible cards game running on a centralised server, just like all the current Web2 games like Fortnite etc. However, the trading cards that players own are non-fungible ERC-721 assets on the blockchain, where the owners can trade them in decentralised markets. This model creates true ownership and without doubt, is the future of the gaming industry.

✅ Real Missions
✅ Real Storylines
✅ MMO Battles
✅ Five Expansions
✅ Exclusive Guild Battles

A true Gaming Metaverse is
real Play & Own Gaming!
See for more details.
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Stay tuned for the more news coming soon!!!


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