Making Steemit better a minnow at a time (III) - Making your post appealing

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Hello dear Minnows,

As already started for 2 weeks, we continue today with our series on how Steemit can be improved. Today I will focus on the quality of the presentation of the posts and how it can be done.

On Steemit, Markdown is used, which is a bit different from a plain text editor. I will now list a few tips on how to use it:

  • If you want to italic write then directly from the word you should insert *. If you want to close that, insert the * character immediately after the last word.
  • When you want to write in bold, you should bring two * characters, like this **. The same procedure as above.
  • If you want to write both in italic and bold use 3 times the *, like this ***, don't forget to close it.
  • You saw that I used the bullet points •. This can be done by using a + or * character at the beginning of the line followed by a pause.
  • if you want to split up the post in different chapters, you can leave a line free then bring in the second line three minus signs (---) and then again a line free. It will look like this (a thin line):

If you want to quote somebody then bring in a > at the beginning of the line, then you are clean, but always give the source from where you quoted.


You can do the header by inserting a # at the beginning of the line and then pressing the space bar. Here is important that you leave a sign free between # and the text.

You should always insert a picture, it makes the post more attractive and it looks better on the Steemit "wall". You should always center the pictures. This is done by inserting the code of the pictures between


So you do not insert large links, you should bring these in as follows. A [text] in [] brackets and then the link ( in round () brackets. No space between the two series of brackets. As here zBsp: Steemit.

I hope this little guide will help you a little bit further.

Hallo liebe Minnows,

wie schon seit 2 Wochen gestartet, gehen wir heute weiter mit unserer Serie wie man Steemit verbessern kann. Heute werde ich den Fokus legen auf die Qualität der Darstellung der Beiträge und wie man das machen kann.

Auf Steemit wird Markdown benutzt, was ein bisschen verschieden ist von einem normalen Texteditor ist. Ich werde jetzt ein paar Tipps auflisten wie man es nutzen kann:

  • Wenn ihr kursiv (italic) schreiben möchtet dann direkt von dem Wort sollt ihr * einfügen. Wenn ihr das schließen möchtet, dann direkt nach dem letzten Wort das * Zeichen einfügen.
  • Beim fett (bold) schrieben solltet ihr zwei * Zeichen einbringen, also **. Das selbe Procedere wie oben.
  • Wenn ihr kursiv und fett schreiben möchtet sind es * Zeichen, also *** mit dem ihr das öffnet und schließt.
  • Ihr habt gesehen das ich die Bullet Punkte • benutzt habe. Das kann man machen indem man am Anfang der Linie eine + oder * Zeichen verwendet gefolgt von eine Pause.
  • wenn ihr den Beitrag aufspalten möchtet ihn verschiedene Kapitel, könnt ihr eine Linie Pause lassen dann drei Minus Zeichen ( --- ) einbringen und danach wieder eine Linie frei. Es wird wie folgt aussehen(eine dünne Linie):

Wenn ihr jemanden zitieren möchtet dann ein > am Anfang der Linie einbringen, dann seit ihr auch sauber aber gibt immer die Quelle an woher ihr zitiert.


Die Kopfzeile könnt ihr machen indem ihr am Anfang der Zeile ein # einfügt und danach die Leertaste drückt. Hier ist wichtig das ihr ein Zeichen frei lässt zwischen # und dem Text.

Ihr sollt immer ein Bild einfügen, es macht den Beitrag attraktiver und es erscheint besser auf der Steemit "Mauer". Ihr sollt immer die Bilder zentrieren. Das macht man in dem man die Kode der Bilder zwischen


Damit ihr keine große Links einfügt, sollt ihr diese wie folgt einbringen. Ein [Text] in []Klammern und danach den Link ( in Runde ()Klammern. Wie hier zBsp: Steemit.

Ich hoffe diese kleine Anleitung hilft euch ein bisschen weiter.



Hey @Alexvan! Thank you so much for this guide! We especially love that you wrote it in multiple languages.

We recently created a guide too, we hope you will benefit from it. We specifically offer knowledge of some minnow-friendly bots with good ROI to help minnows become dolphins.

If you want to, we give you permission to translate this guide into other languages, then to post it on your account. Just make sure to give us credit!

Hey..thanks for the tutorial. Can you teach us how to put the signature at the end of every post like you have done? Would love to incorporate that on my posts.

Resteemed :-)

A great resource that I use for easy post creation using markdown is called Classeur. It is free and is used inside the Chrome browser. Super easy and efficient.

Useful guide, Thanks

Hi. I’m new to steemit and stumbled across your profile while trying to understand how this forum works. I feel really lost so far, but your posts for minnows are quite informative.

I'm being a bit nitpicky, but you can also use the - character. Not very helpful information, but it's best to be thorough!

This article is very helpful, voted to help writer continuing to post such articles.

Hey Alexvan,

thank you for the information.

I would be happy if additional features may be implemented in near future.

  • Sorting (Ascending/Descending order)
  • Improved filter mechansim

Whom should I contact to provide that feedback?

Thank you was using this already but more help is always welcome!

Quality post - Making the site better!


thats great tutorial my friend..i appreciate to your post..carry on your activity....

Good activity....just carry on...
Best wish to you...

Extraordinary work,

This must be read by my fellow minnows. #followed

Useful guide to new steemians here to format their article better

I didn't know the line separator trick. Thank you so much

Nice2 , I'll do this one later 😁

Personally i like steem tutorial, thanks a lot. i wont carry on your life my friend. all the best

Thank you for the teaching, it will be quite useful to us the newbies.

Thank you @alexvan for sharing such useful information. I'm new and will definitely use those tips. Thanks again for looking out for the little guys/newbies.

Nice useful post for newer users. I am somewhat tired of explaining this to some people I know... I will resteem.

This is very helpful. Thank you!

Useful and informative for minnows! Am already using markdown in my post :)

Such a wonderful and useful guide :) thanks .

oh woooow. this is really helpful. At first, the article is in German and good thing we can do translate which allows me to read your blog @alexvan. I will use what I learned from your post. Thank you :)

so nice of you............always you give us new be our achievement........thanks for share

A really useful guide. Thanks!

Excellent, thank you for publishing these techniques!

Hi I consider myself as sort of shrimp ....
Thank you for your post am following you now and going to read through your tips and advice !

Have a nice day !

hey @alexvn thank for you information about this but i have one qation for you what if I want to write a sentence and behind my sentence there is a colored bagroun whether it can ???

I try to make my posts as attractive and interesting as possible, even though it is very difficult to get an ascending vote but I will keep trying

Thanks for this.

Does the Steemit version of Markdown do the standard method of inserting images?

For example: ![alt text here](path to image here)

If so, what would the path look like? A URL on the web, somewhere?

Hola bienvenido a esta maravillosa comunidad espero sea de mucho éxitos para ti y puedas aprender cosas nuevas te saluda tu amigo @yoelvis11

Markdown is wasting bandwidth

Very helpful post! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! cheers @alexvan

But I can not use all of html codes. For example < u > code..

Hi @alexvan! Thank you for your tutorials. I find them very helpful and clear.
I am new to steem (and completely off topic of the blockchain "thing").
I've joined steem with an objective to collect money for charity. Our group is following the account (@sgsposts) and upvoting the posts.
Being a very new into way it works here I do not understand why one person's upvote brings 3,5$ while the rest 20 upvotes generate only few extra cents. And at the end it doesn't matter if there were 70 voices or just 25 - the total generated value is very low. This discourages members of our group to continue.
Can you please give an explanation and advice on how to increase the cost/value of the voice?
That would be really priceless! And for the good cause ))
Would really appreciate your answer. Or recommendation where to find the answer.
Thank you in advance.

This is not a little guide. Its really helpful. Thanks for the tips.
I think things like this will real promote the context quality of our postings.
Good job here.

I found that, to italicize, you can also use underscore immediately before and after word(s) you want italicized.

Also, I accidentally found out another way to add thin lines to separate sections in your post. You can use *** (3 or more asterisks) in a line by itself and it'll create a section for the block to follow!

I looked up how to italicize words a while back but the thin line was discovered accidentally haha

Thank you for the helpful guide! Trying to learn as much as I can!
Yours truly,