Davinci project - How to figure out the context of a string using codes

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i have made this video with love to the utopian-io and davinci communities.
I was describing how to deal with single strings that has few indications about its real meaning.
i hope i have been successful in delivering a useful tip.

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I thank you for your contribution. Here are my thoughts;

  • As Crowdin isn't an open source project, any contribution about Crowdin isn't applicable.

  • As this is a video containing tutorial without any content on text, it is rather a video tutorial than a tutorial. So, if your intention is posting a video tutorial, please change your tutorials tag to video-tutorial.

  • What we expect from a tutorial is more than process videos. As this is simple on-screen instructions, its value as a tutorial is very sparse.

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Thank you for your review, @yokunjon!

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