@goldmanmorgan the manual v0.2 (update : new request "sponsor"

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ten years in the making ! ... o well,

maybe a little less
be weary of having to read !!! ( a lot)
how-to @goldmanmorgan and a bit of what and why ? i thought it was self-explanatory but so is most of the things running around my head
to me


FAQ or something like that

What is @goldmanmorgan
  • **@goldmanmorgan is "the vaultkeeper of @tyrnannoght, a game that will arrive somewhere before Tron pays for torrents or BTC hits $15k again"
What does @goldmanmorgan do?
What does @goldmanmorgan do with my votes?
  • @goldmanmorgan takes your vote and converts it into Goldmanmorgancoin , a simulation of a smart token if you like that goes 8 digits deep. As @goldmanmorgan does not work for free since the vaultkeeper of @tyrnannoght has to eat, we do hope it stands to reason it does not credit 100% of the votevalue into local accounts. Any vote at any weight should be able to be credited as long as the steemprice doesnt go below $0.01
What is goldmanmorgancoin, how does it work?
  • *detailing the technics is not the intention, however : *
  1. the only way to get it is to vote on @goldmanmorgan, you can NOT ever charge your local account by sending sbd or steem , first rule of @goldmanmorganclub

  2. it's decimal , eight digits deep in this order : Ioun -> Bloodstone -> Diamonds -> Platinum -> Electrum -> Gold -> Silver -> Copper -> Tin , which means 123 Tin equals 1 Silver + 2 Copper + 3 Tin (important for withdrawal and transfer requests)

  3. the actual data from votevalues is kept at 25 digits deep so due to rounding it might show something different on the Tin level or maybe Copper if that's all close to the upper floor, but i doubt anyone will see through that (or care for that matter as 1 Tin will not be worth real money unless STEEM really surpasses the heights of BTC by several zeroes)

What is the use of goldmanmorgancoin?
  • you will need goldmanmorgan coins to play @tyrnannoght, for one thing you will need it to buy a ticket to play before you can have a player

  • you can use it to trade internally with the transfer command, which is free of charge, among other things to facilitate trading later in the game

  • you can pool up with friends or cronies using the transfer command to get your combined plankton votes faster to a level over 1 P to withdraw to a voter account

  • no idea but i'm sure if i do more stuff later i'll use it where applicable

What is the use of @goldmanmorgan?
  • @goldmanmorgan is the vaultkeeper of @tyrnannoght, you vote to get playcoin/goldmanmorgan coins , you use it anyway you see fit, pool up or just vote up in order to withdraw, save up to play later

  • if you treat @goldmanmorgan as an investment or savings bank because of the "gives div / gives bonus / gives intrest" in order to make money you better be prepared to grow a long beard, those work at playcoin level so that part is basically only useful to future players. Whatever happens in game remains to be seen, as trading between players is possible, options are left open since at the moment (20181101) there is only about cat *.sh0 |wc -l 714 lines of code for @tyrnannoght, including remarks as opposed to $ cat *.sh0 |grep -v '#' |wc -l 1703 for the "subroutine" @goldmanmorgan , that's excluding remarks

(edit : 20181202 that's at least double by now)

i don't see the point in @goldmanmorgan?
  • that's pretty much none of my concern, i'm not the marketing department
i don't trust @goldmanmorgan
  • that's pretty much none of my concern, as it only takes votes you get for free daily anyway i really don't see the issue
i want to discredit you because i'm jealous and i can't hack it so show me the sourcecode
  • these remarks are outside of the scope of this manual and : NO !
who is behind @goldmanmorgan?
  • we ... that's me, myself, i and the people in my head who never think or plan but just do and see what comes of it, all programming, graphics, text, everything, it's just me . I'm not a teamplayer and i will never be. ( @rudyardcatling )

The Requests

How to make a request

You make a request by leaving a comment in the reply section on the most recent post, as this is not a fully automated system (yet, and it wont be for a while) there is a time window to do this. I tend to make the new post around 2AM CET (1AM UCT) so any request should be made BEFORE midnight CET to be sure (that's 11AM UCT then). That's a practicality i can not avoid at the moment as automating it the way it is consists too much risk without decent, secure external hosting, goldmanmorgancoin , in essence DOES represent real monetary value as STEEM does represent real monetary value.

The main safeguards however :

  • You can only make requests from the STEEMIT account with which you voted (i say steemit, but it is by now possible you have created an account on the steem blockchain elsewhere or you come to the page through busy or any of the others but thats all the same, only the voting account can make requests to the "local" goldmanmorgan account, in essence that makes YOU responsible for your password, which I DO NOT HAVE, so if you give it to someone else and they transfer your funds i can hardly blame myself.

  • You can only make one request of the same type per day

  • You can not make 'conflicting' requests in one post (explained later)

  • As opposed to the parser for the game @tyrnannoght, @goldmanmorgan accepts only strict syntax. Commands/requests themselves are however case-insensitive, as is the coin itself. This means "Private" is the same as "pRiVatE" is the same as "private", typing a capital first as a reflex does not constitute for any accidental mis-request. "1 tin" is the same as "1 tIN" as "1 Tin", also as "1 t" or "1 T"

The possible requests
  • alias
  • bank
  • close
  • combine (inactive)
  • help
  • pocket
  • private
  • public
  • ticket
  • transfer
  • withdraw

every command has a strict number of words allowed if the count is wrong it will give an error in the "messages" section , you just leave these in the comments section as reply, the program will parse the most recent post on generating the new one and orders will be processed

alias , FEE : 1 or 2 Ioun

syntax :

  1. alias [name] (fee 1 Ioun)

  2. alias [url of image] (fee 2 Ioun)

This is mainly a vanity item of sorts, what it does is replace the name of the voting account with an alias you choose in the request , [name] is alphanumeric, any combination of maximum 10 words with a maximum length of 30 characters(whitespace included), barred are special characters used in steemit markup language (like for instance the | character because this completely screws up the layout as the U.I. interprets it as "end of table cell")

[url of image] can be just that , any url to any image on the internet
[url of image] can also be uploaded in the reply box, just the same way you upload any image to use in your posts

Now, when i was still working online before the breach i wrote a whole section that automatically gets the image, downloads it locally, resizes it, and then pushes it back online to an image hosting server, all in one go. The reason for this is 1) the size, for purposes of layout images are resized to fit in the table and 2) if you use an animated gif and gets resized auto by steemit, the image on steemimg you get back is a .png file and you lose the animation. All that is taken care of automatically (or was when the program worked connected. Seeing as i have thousands of client accounts at the moment and as i doubt many will be willing to pay the equivalent of 1 or 2 steem just to show off im sure i can manage that manually for now. The requests are irreversible, no complaining if you picked the wrong one please, handle with care. Everything's open for debate but i'm not open to funny people who would make 20 requests a week, only to have it "corrected" a day later. I sincerely hope for your understanding on the matter.

bank , FEE : zero

The opposite of pocket , bank is used to put funds from inventory back into the goldmanmorgan account , the main point would be not losing the coin as that will be possible if (i should say WHEN) you die and you can't recover it

syntax :

bank [number] [coin]

e.g. : bank 1 gold

which would do the same as "bank 10 silver" btw, the system is decimal, if your inventory says you have 1 gold and you wish to bank 5 silver it wont have you running to a currency exchange (haha), in the game @tyrnannoght, however it will not be possible to "bank" at any given time in any given place but thats as long term as it will be until its short term and there, E.T.A. nAn

close : FEE : zero

syntax :


As straightforward as it gets, this completely closes an account, all transactions, fees, votes, anything related to the voting account will be removed from the whole and deleted. Any coin from 1 P and up will be transferred back to the original voting account. If you start voting again after that the account will re-open on the first cashout of the first vote, but VC (vote count) and !seen will ofcourse be reset to brandnew. If you use this you will have never existed in the city of night

help : FEE : zero

syntax :


As i don't check the comments section, this one is used if anyone needs personal interaction, questions or problems (with @goldmanmorgan ofcourse, if you want marital advice the fee will be more than zero, hah hah). You leave this in the comments section a lot of alerts, sirens bells and whistles and flashy things go off as the program generates the next post and i WILL get back to you (should be the next day normally, its ofcourse possible that a meteor hits my house and i have to find free wi-fi first in order to continue). Please mind : ONLY LOCAL ACCOUNTS CAN MAKE REQUESTS THAT WILL BE PARSED, if you dont have an open local account @goldmanmorgan the program will discard the comment, any bot or anyone who has no local account will be speaking in the void and i REALLY don't check the comments section (that would be a bit daft as i spent several months by now on this here little diddy)
You may find this impersonal but as a force of chaos with several accounts this IS the way to go i'm afraid, its not a chatty account anyway. It's also not really a savings bank, that and the apparent virtual simulated token is a side effect because of which the account can operate by itself AND be useful while the game takes shape (slowly ...). I have a chatty account , that's @rudyardcatling (politically incorrect language might appear there though, be warned)

pocket : FEE : zero

syntax :

pocket [number] [coin]

Use this to transfer goldmanmorgancoin to your characters "inventory". Say you want to start the game (when the game IS lol) you can go "pocket 1 Plat" (plat works for p or platinum too) and you will start out with 1 P in your inventory, say you're somewhere around and you need more, you have access to a @goldmanmorgan rep NPC you can "bank" or "pocket" to and fro (limited number of turns per day in game too though, a bit of an equalizer for smaller vs bigger accounts, thats more like level-dependent but spilling beans is not what i'm here for). The coin in inventory can be used ... for various purposes lol , it can also be lost in various ways , such is the nature of the game, i never played much angry birds but i did spend a whole year of my life on everquest 1 ( dramatic horror music )

private : FEE : 1 tin

syntax :


This sets your local account to private, meaning it will still be there, you can access it on the individual html pages (currently at http://users.telenet.be/alleycat/goldmanmorgan/ for lack of better servage) but it will be de-listed in the daily reports. For what ? for if you want that haha , it grew from a system to de-list the npc's (who are inthere just like any voting account) and i'll probably remove the fee later because that grew from "how to add a fee" and keeping track of 1 tin (the program calculates from all votes given from day 1 , it keeps all transactions withdrawals and fees and about everything and does the calculation bottom up from the very start every single day for every post, YES i could use my own chain for that, NO thats REALLY not the time yet but i would like to check out hyperledger once steemit is back to $15 and i can buy a lambo-pc and servage :p)

public : FEE : 1 tin

syntax :


The clear opposite of "private", this sets the local account back to be listed on the daily reports (for whatever reason you might wanna) same things apply as for private. None of that changes anything other than visibility in the daily report posts

sponsor : FEE : 1 zero

syntax :


if you're one of the groupies and you feel you won't have time to actually play when the game kicks of in 2050 or so ... or you have a spare account to vote with that sits there and you like the concept of @tyrnannoght.

Anyone with an active "static" (not in the special section) can use the command "sponsor" (just the one word in the reply section as explained how-to before) to move the account under the "foreign trader" section by the next post. This basically means you can't withdraw or transfer with that particular account anymore as 50% of the credited vote value will be used to fund "zones" and npc's (that would be when @tyrnannoght says "a foreign trader has passed by ... etc" in rumours or events sections , it's a probability depending on what zone (less chance on an abandonden beach than you would have in a city, basic sociolo-gic should apply across the board or at least that's what i'm aiming for). sponsor accounts do not get div or bonus or intrest and can't use any of the requests thereafter, if by any chance the funds get completely drained the account will close until there's new votes coming in. I hope that's pretty self-explanatory. If not you can use "help" request and i'll get back to you, normally by the next day. (ah yea, the other 50% goes to the @goldmanmorgan steem-account , if you think that's greedy, please check your head, thanks.

ticket : FEE : 1 B(loodstone)

syntax :


If you want more than save up plankton votes to get credited value returned and you actually want to play the game later you will need to buy a ticket. If the cost is too high then i'm sorry for your trouble but that's the price. Mind you : dying does not mean having to buy a new ticket every single time although under circumstances it could be possible. Starting a "new" character would require buying a new ticket for one thing but that's not all and since there is not really a game yet pretty irrelevant, it's active, you can buy one if you have the coin but there's not much to play yet as today (dec 04 2018).
NO REFUNDS ... i'm always happy to help but telling me your cat accidentally opened up the webpage, sat on the keyboard , opened up the reply box, wiped the lettercombination "ticket" with its tail and then stepped on the mouse to post might put a smile on my face but won't budge. Besides, none of it accepts liquid steem or sbd, its VOTES ONLY, and you get your votes for free if i'm not mistaken. So please don't comment "ticket" by accident (lulz yah) just to see if it makes me do a little CS-dance

transfer : FEE : zero

syntax :

transfer [number] [coin] [accountname]

Use for internal transfers between local @goldmanmorgan accounts (for whatever reason , i'm not the steempolice, if you vote with 20 accounts that just means 20 votes for me and 20 times goldmanmorgan takes a cut, if you wanna pool it up to withdraw, all fine with me). This is free of fee in order to "facilitate trading between players" later. No beans spilled but that shouldnt need explanation, spirit of the steemchain : no fee for internal transactions (yay backpatself). As the game @tyrnannoght will mainly be solo-experience (well, YOU try synchronized interaction between players on a blockchain forum then and tell me how you did it, for free ofcourse, since that's what decent people do, so i'm not decent people ... i guess), trading however is an option. Player a has "something x" and player b wants it ? "transfer 1000 gold shadyperson" ... and shadyperson can hand over "something x" to player. I intend no safeguards at the start (yea spirit of everquest) but some kind of reputation might be possible (e.g. you could CHOOSE to be a 'shadyperson' type lol) none of that is set in stone, not even in wax, but transfer is active and possible

and last but not least

withdraw : FEE : 5 E(lectrum)

syntax :

withdraw [number] [coin]

Use to withdraw goldmanmorgan coin to STEEM back to the voting account. You can withdraw from 1 P(latinum) and up but the fee is 5 E(lectrum) so if you vote up and withdraw 1 P every day you give actually 50% to the house (for which the house would be, ofcourse, eternally grafeful :p).
Accounts that withdraw to less than 1 P will be closed and dust goes to the vault (closed as in the "close" command, completely disintegrated and evaporated) but ofcourse if you start voting again it will just re-open from the first credited value on the first vote.

the current state

As the game is far from finished, lets say far from active, currently there's an auto withdraw that kicks in the day you get to a value of at least 2 B 1 P.
What does this do ? On parsing and rendering if the program detects an account with a value >= that the alarm sounds and you get 1 B sent back to your voting account. This leaves 1 B for a game ticket (in case the game kicks off) and 1 P (for whatever reason i might have missed so it doesn't close and you can still withdraw the remaining 1 B if you want without closing).
This to prevent unnecessary buildup (for now) as intrest IS given on a certain frequency(its not something that will make you rich by putting in one vote and waiting, im not that much of a clown, div, bonus and intrest amounts mostly to gamecoin under 1 P)
The starter "zone" will not have much use for diamonds anyway and i would like to stress just once more for future tears-prevention : running around with 100 Ioun stones while dying might make you cry if you can't recover it . . .

I am totally opposed to the spilling of the beans as the top quote on @goldmanmorgan daily report might already have explained. Blizzard didn't open source the code for WoW (which i also played to the bone up until the first expansion, even had my own guild "death of regret" for a bit) but the game became SO popular people run private servers simply by retro-engineering, if my beans ever get spilled that way i will be most honoured , otherwise it will have to wait until it makes me bobby kotick (or whoevers on top now) lol ... no offense.

Nil valued-votes are discarded by default (little use for them and yes those DO exist), otherwise, i have voted with an account that has 2 SP to it and it got credited so any weight will open you up an account and keep building it. Withou too much bean-spillage : the numbers are kept 25 digits deep but the coin goes "only" eight (i think that was bitcoin, no idea what that is now). The game @tyrnannoght will require you to vote on posts where you take actions (as well as on the main one, which means TWO VOTES per playday (at any weight) for now (well, for ... then ... i mean , for starters, i'm in figuring out stage, im not much of a planner, more of a do-er and see what i can re-mix from that) however the catch : the "treasury" of a zone depends on both what it gets from goldmanmorgan by voting on it PLUS what players vote on it (a chunk ofcourse, not 100% of the vote value, i hope that's not "too much" to ask lol(ol ol)) so stingy votes make for less fish in the sea. That's the general idea and a lot more than i wanna spill already, especially since i dont have anything tangible yet and selling hot air is not my style.

this is the first revision of the @goldmanmorgan manual, should clarify what i considered to speak for itself i hope, future revisions will have a small section on the latest revision at the bottom of the post and also links to the previous versions.

Thanks for your support . please don't make "help" requests on "i dont trust" it. All you need to do is vote your free vote at any weight, i don't ask for any money or liquid steem or sbd, if that's too much to trust i can't help you with that anyway. Anything else? Please dont hesitate.


El Gato

20181218 - added "sponsor" request

previous versions of manual :



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