#6 TV shows: MacGyver - My childhood, the one and only!

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Helloooooo steeeeemians!

Today in our TV Show review, a special edition dedicated to my childhood. A true, big, huge, sensitive, strong, handsome hero: MacGyver!

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Ohhhh yeah baby, MacGyver, yeah you heard it right! So here I am talking about this master piece of TV Show, well as far as I am concerned for me with 12 years old eyes.
This american show was produced between 1985 and 1992: Seven seasons, 139 episodes and 2 movies. It was a big deal at that time! This show was created by Lee David Zlotoff and talked about adventures, action and spy games.

All of the 7 seasons were diffused on ABC in the US, and all around the world until 1992. This is the typical show you love, it has everything included, all inclusive package: love, action, adventures and so on… Richard Dean Anderson is the main actor: Angus MacGyver. I did not imagine how hard it was to make a rapid synopsis about this show, I have so much to say but here I go.

Angus MacGyver is a special secret agent employed by the Phoenix foundation, a private non lucrative company. From the 11th episodes we find who his boss is: Peter Thornton, quite a character too. It is him who will recruit MacGyver in the phoenix foundation.

MacGyver is a non violent hero, and never use gun, well never… He won’t use them the usual way :) He might use them to knock out his enemy or like a screwdriver. His specialty: using science to solve everything of every single situation. He always have his pocket swiss knife, and can fix about everything. He can fix a water breach with a chewing gum, but he can fix an aside breach with chocolate too, wait, wait he can do an hyper propulsion device with a vacuum cleaner, or a bomb with pine cone (my favorite).

There are no real history behind each episode, there are a big plot, but if you miss an episode you won’t be lost. There are some recurrent enemies but that is as far as it goes. Anyway, let me talk about the main actors of the show.

Richard Dean Anderson, AKA the one and only MacGyver

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Wow, I love this guy… I don’t care about the next show he made, nothing at all… He is the man, he is the hero, he is MacGyver!
Nothing much to say about the character I did not say before. He is the typical over optimistic guy and can be, because he will ALWAYS find a solution. He is a big fan of Hockey, and he could have been a professional hockey player, we saw that on the 3rd season if I remember right. Well he is the good guy always fighting for what is right to his mind: a role model for everyone ;)
As for an actor, Richard is a great one for me, I love the way he say his line, his character feelings everything. He did a few movies, but his career is TV Shows mainly, he plays in a few but his two mains one are MacGyver and Stargate of course, where now he is more renown that MacGyver, famous Jack O’Neill.

Bruce McGill, alias Jack Dalton

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He is the trouble guy… You see him in an episode, you know that he is in a sack of s**t :)
But well he is MacGyver best friend and well you are always here for your best friend or so they say. Anyway, he is a great guy, but it is hard to love him much because of his character. He is a pilot, and so has problem all over the world. If you have a best friend like him, just make you a reason and change!
Bruce is a great actor, loved him in many many movies like Lincoln, The sum of all fears, The hand… So many actually.

Dana Elcar, peter Thornton

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There are many many other actors, that played in this show. For instance Teri Hatcher who played in many other TV Show during her career but one of the first regknow was MacGyver. Oh yeah I forgot about him... My nightmare Muuuuuuurdoooooooc, the big villain of the show, played beautifully by Michael des Barres, he is one of the only bad guy who comes back in a few episodes. each time you see him dying, each time he comes back with new scars... He haunted my nightmares for a long time...
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MacGyver’s boss. he is the kind of man in the show you want as your grandpa… Always caring about his employees. He considered them more like family than employees. He is one of the rare recurrent character in the show. We know very little thing about him on the show, we know he is a vietnam veteran, has a wife, a kid, that is pretty much it.
Well what to say about this guy, he is a huge actor, played in hundreds of projects, many movies, many TV Shows.

Well, I won’t tell you to watch the integral seasons of MacGyver, but this a TV Show, that marked my childhood. It shows great valors, and it is a nice show to pass time… I probably know all episodes by heart… But I am not ashamed, it was worth the time spent ;)



Oh! Mac 😍 My first love. I had giant posters in my room. I would have liked to eat lizard McGyver with him by the fire in the woods ... However, it has changed since ... https://www.google.be/search?q=richard+dean&client=ms-android-samsung&source=android-browser&dcr=0&prmd=inv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwimhYnd2cLWAhWLh7QKHUW4BUEQ_AUICSgB&biw=360&bih=512#imgrc=XqdxDRNSlperbM:

To be honest... I also had a poster in my childhood room ;)

Good old days! Hurrah MacGyver

Of course, he is the man! :)