RIP @flipstar long live flipstar.sports?


My first post on Hive with my account I actually only made for tribes which is my main account now...

Because I am a dumdum I lost access to my account @flipstar and everything related around 6 months ago.

Which means my Steemmonster cards are gone, the leo miners and much more.

The following I build for 2 years is gone of course as well and 60k of Steempower with it....

This was my start into 2020 and as we all know it did not really get better so far but the year still got some time to redeem itself.

I am not sure if I will continue writting/posting here as it constantly reminds me what an idiot I am and how much I lost but I missed the writting sometimes and maybe it can be an intersting experiement to restart.....

Time will tell


I'm a bit late as I've been dealing with some family stuff but here I am. I'm sorry you have to go through this.
You have my support!

Thank you.

Hope all is well with the family or if not will be well soon.

Sry for the slow reply but I have a bit of a hard time to find motivation to post here still.

Thanks, we're on the right track now, let's hope.
I understand what you are going through. I haven't had a loss like you but still, my motivation is disappearing slowly when I see how shitposts are rewarded.

Damn that is terrible. You can do it as I know that I would go that route. I will support you all the way and I know others would as well.

thanks a lot!!

Welcome back @flipstar! But What? sorry to hear that, can you get the account back from recovery account or something?

does not look good. Been trying for a while and pretty much out of ideas

that's too bad, also not on Hive? aiai anyways, glad to have you back here, I've been wondering where flipstar goes

Not sure if you should get used to it stings a lot still.

I dont think I can claim my hive account without having access to my other account

understand your inactivity, take your time and write here anytime when you feel like.

This is painful to hear and i am sorry about that.

How about trying to back up your keys on the Gmail account next time

might be a smart idea :-)

Welcome back @flipstar.
I am so sorry to hear that you lost your keys for @flipstar.

thank you!

Not sure yet if and how I will continue though

Hi @flipstar.
Herzlichen Dank für deinen Support.
Stell mal bitte deinen Voter auf 5 Minuten ein ansonsten verlieren wir beide unsere Rewards ;-)
Wäre ja Schade drum ;-)

mach ich muss nur noch rausfinden welchen voter ich benutzt habe :-)

Do you still have your master key with you? I was once unable to log in to Steemit Account due to an unknown reason, but I got all back since I kept my master key saved somewhere (Gmail). So I had to reset my Posting and Active key with the saved master key. That works for me.

Now, I can log in to my Hive Account with the previous keys, and Steemit with the new generated keys.

I generated a new one :-(

So you in now?

no but I will check my backups again for the master key but also trying not to get my hopes up :-)

This is so painful man, it's never too late to restart.

still debating with myself about that :-)

That sucks man, I wondered why you were leaving a 64K account not doing anything.

was also the reason for my break