Typhoon Aftermath

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We are safe and sound. Although we were under signal number 3 (winds from 121 - 170 kph near center, gustiness 180 -275 kph), our family did not sustain any serious damages. No roofs were blown away, windows and walls are still in perfect condition. I'm happy and relieve, but there is also the feeling of loneliness especially for people who were affected.

Last 2 days of forecast stated that the eye or the inner wall would traverse our province but the typhoon slightly diverged from the original track. Supposedly, it should go west northwest (angle less than 8 degrees) but it just headed straight towards the west. It had 4 land falls which diminishes it's strength along the way. The dry wind/ northeast monsoon also helped in diverging it's trajectory and sapping it's strength.

Below is a video from South China Morning Post which shows how strong it was during the first landfall in Samar area.

Just a few degrees and we would also experience this kind of winds. We were thankful but also grieve for our fellow countrymen who lost alot. How I wish I can just let them disappear. And although we are now far from danger due to Kammuri, there was another looming threat brewing in the east. Hopefully, I will not make another post like this but let us see.

another typhoon.jpg

This image from the JTWC indicates that there's an LPA (95W) that has some possibility of becoming a cyclone. Hope it just go away.