@tyrnannoght : traits for citizens and npcs influence various aspects

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i should write that down,
true dat true dat :
"though i do not believe in the hand of gods"
"i do not believe things just happen"
"causality does not come with reason"
"but there's always a cause, so what did you do ?"
"i feel strangely at ease tonight ... its been a while or maybe"
what did you NOT do ? i can feel the difference
its not normal

the dark Catling

Today is Mörsgyr, 19 in the Year of waning Elders

Weather: Conditions: 20 F (-7 C) - Overcast Wind: From the SSE at 7 MPH Humidity: 85%
Pressure: 29.94 in (1014 mb) Location: Dudinka (RS) Altitude: 223 m
Time: December 9, 2:30 AM MSK Observation Time: December 9, 12:00 AM MSK


#theshadydealer has made 5 tin from shady citizens


something something since this is not rumours



playerlevelmax actions this round
Subject X131x

limbo npc in reach : Charon(npc)

the washed-up beach

playerlevelmax actions this round

washed-up beach npc in reach : The Shady Dealer(npc)
'ole spicey(npc)

the western tunnels

playerlevelmax actions this round

western tunnels npc in reach :

the mudpits

playerlevelmax actions this round

mudpits npc in reach : One Eyed Wozzard(npc)
Blind Melon(npc)
The Backstreet Boys(npc)

the eastern tunnels

playerlevelmax actions this round

eastern tunnels npc in reach :

the forest down-below

playerlevelmax actions this round

forest down-below npc in reach :

the dungeon down-below

playerlevelmax actions this round

dungeon down-below npc in reach :

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National security is the chief cause of national insecurity Celine's First Law

no explanation on anything available as its not open for any but testing and -ers (there's basically also nothing yet)

discord me

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wouldnt mind a @steemgg vote even if #steemgg is mostly html5 if i understand correctly ? I can't do this on pure html5 because there's a million ways to cheat clientside and it involves an actual token (the @goldmanmorgan coin) that's worth actual steem so that would be dropping a honeypot in a fly's nest. IF, however, i find a spare braincycle between moments of flanders-induced madness and @tyrnannoght , flixxo , the javascripting for the audio-sync , blender and bluescreening it together, i DO hope to put up a few "promotional" html-5 games which can use the "pocket"-money for players who have a @goldmanmorgan account, nothing can be gained or lost as long as its clientside only though, at best a hi-score table to see who starts mucking around with packets.


for the time being the citizens and npcs are displayed just to show the flow (which i dont sit down and edit but have a fair oodle of code for by now. I'm on the first bit of the interpretation for requests (player-actions) which is like morgan+tyr times 100 in text-volume i think program-wise so don't wait up for it. Minimal playability to test mechanics id like to get on the first zone as FFA but no wins or losses will be credited until i can get it to deploy on fast and mostly SECURE servers that can handle all the "dicerolls" serverside.
Which means i'll probably need two more months to dig into the wonderful world of Openstack, but as money dictates that's something i don't have to worry about at the moment.
All across the board general sociolo-gic will try to apply.

You treat citizens well they won't bug you , you lie in ambush murdering one after the other, in the end you'll be banned from town or worse, which might need you to get re-born (which will cost another ticket)

and then some, but i dont wanna talk mechanics or numbers

VOTES ONLY ... (that's gonna be some ..)

!servantofthedarklord move mudpits

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