STEEM-UA: Algorithmic Curation & Upvoting Program, using UA data

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I believe Steemit is a great place to be because of its great community of content and software creators. This community sometimes even handles issues that Steemit's core development team should be dealing with. @steem-ua is the most recent example of this, a solution to fix Steemit reputation score.

@steem-ua have created a solution for one of the biggest problems of the Steemit community. The reputation algorithm had been broken because of the usage of paid bots to buy votes on users posts. While creating and advertisement service such as the bidbots does not harm the platform directly, it does hinder the right we have to rank users account in a reputation system based on the quality of the content that users post. @steem-ua reputation algorithm is based on user's active follower base, on the engagement rate and overall influence of each user, and the quality of the content each user creates.

Also, @steem-ua created a new trail for upvoting users accordingly to their UA score. You can delegate to @steem-ua to receive an upvote which be bigger the higher your UA score. The amount of SP delegated will determine the frequency of the upvotes.

25 SP
1 upvote/week
50 SP
2 upvote/week
100 SP
4 upvote/week
250 SP
7 upvote/week

The curation formula is designed to benefit all great content creators and community leaders on Steemit regardless of the amount of SP they have.
UA_Vote = x * UA_Account + y * UA_Post + z * UA_Comment
This means that the upvote weight will be bigger depend on:

  • the higher account's UA score
  • the better the votes on a post, computed by all post voters' UA scores
  • the more interaction & user engagement on that post via the comments

@steem-ua mission is aligning the individual interest of each steemian with the well being of the Steemit platform itself. If this initiative is a success, each account that delegate 250 SP could get an upvote from @steem-ua more valuable than self-voting 10 times a day. This will boost the Steemit user retention and will certainly increase the demand for Steem.

Great post, just delegated 1000SP

I like their ranking system, I would like to better understand its mechanics though.

@Chronocrypto I have a small doubt. Is ua score there for all users or is it just for the users who delegated steem?

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All. The scouts are seeking good content, but you are more likely to receive support if you delegate.

Thanks @abh12345 that clears it.

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@chronocrypto Yes steemit is the a great place to found great content and @steem-ua performance is great.

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Yes, I really love UA scoring and think it will be the basis of a really awesome SMT someday. Not that it will do its own, but it can be used as a rewards metric in any SMT. That will be an SMT I'll be interested in being a part of, not any where rewards are solely determined by how much SP you have.

Definitely great devs on this platform, content... debatable, at least for now. Anyhow until steem-ua is integrated into most front ends, the trending page will still suck.

hey !! steem-ua i am toody first time visit your blog, good platform but i have not more steem .

I am getting this error ; which does not make sense as I have lots of mana?


available_shares >= op.vesting_shares: Account intrepidphotos does not have enough mana to delegate. required: [object Object] available: [object Object]

I managed to figure this out. I had to cancel the power down that I had on the SP.