Support for Ledger Hardware Wallets has Arrived for Ubiq!

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Ubiq site:

All credit for this guide goes to @matt from ubiq chat. You can join the chat at

This short guide will describe how to add this functionality to your device, and how to interface with the Ubiq network. This assumes you already own and have completed the initial setup of your device.

Please remember to follow all the setup instructions carefully, as you are the only one in control of the funds you send to the addresses associated with your device!

PLEASE NOTE! - This process appears to only work via the Google Chrome browser, and until further testing shows otherwise, it is recommended to only use Chrome.

If you have already completed the first steps in setting up your Ledger Hardware Wallet, adding Ubiq functionality is quite simple!

Connect and unlock your device. You will then open the Ledger Manager desktop application which can be downloaded from:

Under the sidebar option labeled “Store”, Select Applications. Scroll through the options until you find the Ubiq app.

Install the Ubiq app to your device. The device will show a "Processing…" prompt on the screen, and it will revert to the home screen when complete.

Once the Ubiq app installation is complete, select the Ubiq app by using the two hardware buttons on the top of the device to selected the app by clicking them simultaneously.

There will be a prompt which reads “Use wallet to view accounts”

Click the top right button once until the display reads “Settings”

Click both buttons simultaneously, and scroll down to “Browser Support”

DoubleButton click again, and be sure the Browser Support option is selected as “Yes"

Once this process is complete, leaving your Ledger connected and unlocked, open your web browsers and navigate to:

In the right margin click the wallet option “Ledger”
Ledger Wallet - Organize apps on your device with the Ledger Manager app
Ledger Wallet is a smartcard based Bitcoin hardware wallet bringing maximum protection level to your bitcoins without sacrificing usability or control.
In the right margin click the wallet option “Ledger”

On the next screen select “Ledger Wallet” from the options provided and click
“Connect to Ledger” on the right side of the page

A window should appear on the screen with a list of freshly generated Ubiq wallet addresses.
You may use any of the addresses in this list to receive Ubiq.

If you reached this step without error, the app has successfully installed on your Ledger Wallet and the initialization is verified.

Sending a transaction -

When sending a transaction from Ledger, use the same list described in the previous step to select an address containing a Ubiq balance.

Select the address with the balance you wish to send, and click "Unlock Wallet" to proceed.

On the next screen you will be prompted to enter the details of the transaction ( Recipient address, amount of Ubiq to be sent & the Gas limit ) Complete these details as you would any transaction.

Click the “Generate Transaction” beneath the transaction details, and you will be asked to confirm the transaction directly on the Ledger Wallet, which will display the transaction details. Confirm by clicking the top right button, which corresponds to a check mark.

NOTE: When confirming the transaction the details on Ledger, the currency may displayed as ETH. While this is incorrect, it will not effect the transaction processing in any way.

Once confirmed on the Ledger, the transaction is signed and the “Raw” details and “Signed Transaction” information appear in the open Pyrus page in your browser.

It is at this point where, if all the details are satisfactory and you wish to send your Ubiq, click the “Send Transaction” button shown below the transaction details.

A pop-up will appear confirmed that the transaction was successfully broadcast to the blockchain and you will be offered a link to view the transaction at

Congratulations, you have connected, received, and sent Ubiq using a Ledger Hardware wallet!


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