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The above image was made by @amberjyang with Midjourney using the prompt 'flying saucer beaming a beam of light at a nuclear missile.'

Wanttoknow.info, the website I work for, is redoing its UFO Information Center and I've been helping with that. The project has plunged me deep into UFO lore. One of the most interesting themes I'm encountering involves UFO interference with nuclear weapons systems. Apparently, nuclear warheads have been deactivated by UFOs more than once. A Major-General Vasily Alexyev of the Russian Air Force even went on the record (p257) to say that UFOs could be reliably made to appear by scheduling the physical movement from one place to another of "special" materials. How would a non-human intelligence both a.) know what material movement had been scheduled and b.) not know that the scheduling itself was a ruse to provoke a sighting?

One possible answer is that this non-human intelligence was somehow monitoring Russian military computer systems for information regarding the disposition of the "special" materials. If there actually were ETs monitoring one country's secure computer systems back then, maybe they were also monitoring the systems of other countries. And now, with everything online, any interested ET could easily deploy an ET AI to monitor the whole internet. Assuming the ETs have AIs that could do that.

Progressing further into this speculative rabbit hole, UFO sightings peaked in 1996 in the UK. And this page used National UFO Reporting Center data to determine that "sightings seem to have decreased since 2008" in the US. Perhaps the ETs are visiting less often because they can now get more of what they need digitally, from the web.

This otherworldly intelligence may be concerned with us in some way beyond our nuclear weapons. If these weapons warranted ET intervention during the Cold War, other human activity may also have warranted such intervention. And there's no reason to suspect that the ETs have left the vicinity. Today, sufficiently advanced ETs could easily intervene in human affairs without anyone noticing.

Whistleblower David Grusch recently said that "it could be that this is not necessarily extraterrestrial, and it's actually coming from a higher dimensional physical space that might be co-located right here." The comment was in line with the interdimensional hypothesis, which holds that ETs aren't from a faraway planet. Rather, they're from a different dimension entirely.

Exactly what that might mean is a mystery. Attempts to explain it in scientific terms inevitably devolve into guesswork. The truth of the matter is beyond our understanding. In this light, attempts to humanize ETs appear immature. If we could say for certain that they're extradimensional beings intent on limiting our production of nuclear fallout, we'd still know very little about these visitors.

It does seem safe to say that they're not our enemies. It's been over 70 years since flying saucers appeared over Washington, DC. In all of the years since, we haven't been destroyed or noticeably invaded or anything like that. Maybe our whole planet is under ET surveillance, but if it is, it might be far less sinister than the mass surveillance our human leaders subject us to.

If ETs ever decide to initiate public contact, there's no reason to believe that they'd go through official channels and meet with government officials. They might instead seek out religious figures or celebrities or average people. They may already have infiltrated social media by pretending to be Earthlings so as to study us more closely. We just don't know, but it's fun to think about.

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I wonder if the idea of AI even is applicable to the ETs, and their intelligence capacities that enable them to monitor our use of nuclear missiles. There were a few times that the nuclear missiles did detonate; they weren't able to interfere with all of them.

As things get more crazy, I'm now wondering what the role of ETs will play in all of this and how information will unfold. I've never thought about this before until diving deep into the UFO info center with you. It's crazy to think that big things will be revealed to us in our lifetime. Wow!!!

I imagine that AI could apply to ETs if they were interfacing with our computer systems, but who knows?

Sometimes I usually fear that non human intelligence can really be dangerous if the usage is not balanced

Could be.

The bit about a higher dimensional space reminded me of Eric Weinstein on Joe Rogan's podcast from about a year ago (#1945). It's long but it's a trip worth taking.

Cool I'll check it out. Thanks!

With researchers reporting evidence of other dimensions in the same space that Earth inhabits, I've wondered if the "visitors" concerns about our nuclear weapons may be behind that?

Recall that above-ground nuclear teats were scrapped roughly 50 years ago. I wondered if tests such as these might have affected beings living in other dimensions, and that fact was somehow communicated to us, causing us to scale them back.

Imaging one of our nuke test somehow "breaking through" and affecting them in their world. In that case, they wouldn't be happy campers about that at all.

True enough. There might be something about nuclear weapons that impacts dimensions beyond our own.

The pace at which UFO is really moving so fast is alarming and more development day by day.

Yes it's an exciting time.

I’d have to make more findings about UFO
I know little or nothing about it

Many news stories on the subject can be found here on wanttoknow.info.