Wicked madness

in #ukraine9 months ago (edited)

Putin now has two dumb options in this stupid war: continue a conventional war against NATO in Ukraine and be badly beaten, or use his nuclear arsenal, all at once. But he has yet a smart choice: stop all this satanic madness. The godly choice of love!



There is one reason, and only one reason I disagree with the article you've linked here. It says "Putin has no option left except a nuke" and this is true, but it overlooks one thing. When Russia tested Nuclear-capable missiles early in the war, they were shot down. Their Kinzal has proven unable to evade Patriot interceptors. Their nuclear-capable bombers have proven easy-prey for anti-aircraft systems.

In other words, I have no doubt Russia has made up their mind to use nuclear force, but I don't think they have the means to actually deliver it anymore.

I hope you are right in your assessment.

So do I, mon ami. So do I.

Of course, I've been wrong before. In February 2022, I was certain Putin wasn't crazy enough to invade. I think we can all see I was wrong then.

But judging what a madman can do is easier than judging what he is willing to do.

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