ULOG #001| Banana Beach Resort

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Good Day Steemians! This is my first ever #ULOG post in support with @surpassinggoogle 's movement ULOG (You-Log). Today, I will share with you our weekend getaway with me, my friends and girlfriend @mayennaise at the Banana Beach Resort Paradise.

It was a very sunny and wonderful day. So, we decided to get our skin kissed by the sun. It was a 30 minute travel all the way from our place to the resort. I was not able to take a lot of photos but below, I will try my best to further give you guys the necessary information needed.

As you can notice, this resort is not only compose of a swimming pool but it also has the breeze of a fresh air from the sea. Very convenient for all those who loves to swim. The Resorts fee is 750/person, quite affordable for an out of town resort.

Unfortunately this is the only food photo I took but I can assure you guys that the taste is HEAVENLY~. One of the best thing here is that the resort fee that we paid is CONSUMABLE~meaning we get to buy the food using the exact amount we had paid at the entrance....amazing,right?

Below are the few shots we took during our stay:



That would be all guys, and I deeply apologize for the incomplete information. I promise, my next getaway or escapade would be precise and completely informative just for you my fellow steemians. Thank you for reading and have a bless day :)

All Love,



thats beauty moment and enjoy your life my friend have nice time with your family

thank you very much , you too my friend @night1 and God bless:)

Banana Beach! Cool place, though the first time I was there I kept looking for the inexistent bananas. 😂 Totally worth going to though (despite the lack of actual banana trees).

they say it was called banana beach resort because of the banana plantation surrounding the place hehe but i agree @lostinmustypages about the lack of banana trees in the resort hahaha but very nice place to unwind. :)

Beach resort awesome.
Must be fun.

Yes , It was so awesome. Heheheh

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