Ulog Day7 - Sunday, Bond Day!

in #ulog5 years ago

Every sunday, we used to go to church❤ earlier, after churching we went home and ate with the whole family😊 We had a lot of different sinugba and tinolang manok❤ we enjoyed our lunch and then my uncles decided to drink some beers uhh just two bottles lol😂

A moment after, my mom and dad decided to run some errands and they allow me to come with them☺

First stop is here, a food house I forgot its name :(

2018-05-27 05.57.40 1.jpg
2018-05-27 06.00.13 1.jpg
2018-05-27 05.58.38 1.jpg
2018-05-27 05.59.25 1.jpg
2018-05-27 05.52.13 1.jpg
2018-05-27 05.47.54 1.jpg
2018-05-27 05.45.17 1.jpg
2018-05-27 05.53.13 1.jpg

After being satisfied with this salad, we went to the mall to buy Noynoy's tie and shampoo❤ we roam around the mall and already decided to go home☺
Thank God we got home safely💋❤