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Here is my entry for the Doddle Contest


This contest is by @phantum04 who urges uloggers to try his doodle contest, talented or untalented.

First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Sir Terry for the continuous support to us, the #ulog family. I wish and hope for the constant success. We are also here to help and support you!

I'm sorry it took me this long to submit my entry. 😊 I was too busy with dealing with some private matters. Well, better late than never, right? By the way, I hope you make more fun contests like this. Now without further ado, let us proceed to the art process.

Art Process:

  • I first did the sketches using my Stabilo pencil and eraser. I thought of what would best illustrate my ulog journey here on steemit so far. Well, it's so far really wonderful. And for me, the amazing journey is like a journey on a car with friends (fellow uloggers) enjoying each other's company.

  • Then using my 0.5 and 0.7 My Gel Sign pen, I inked the sketch. I inked the vehicle first and put the ULOG inside. ULOG is what helps and supports me (a newbie here on steemit) thrive to enjoy and earn along the journey. Afterwards I inked the cute passengers on-board.

  • I also decided to put some flying stars at the side because one of #ulog's motto implies that you yourself is a star, a celebrity here in this steemit community.

  • I also put some confetti around to celebrate the success of ulog here on steemit.

  • I finished off with more little details and went to Lightroom CC app to enhance the photo.

After the edit:


GIF Process:

Liked my art? Follow me and don't forget to upvote and resteem! Comments and criticisms are more than welcome. Your support is highly appreciated!
All rights reserved ✔

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This is amazing lemareg! So cute :D I hope you win the contest! Good luck!

Thank you! :D hahaha

hi, July 17 I'm planning the second round contest . Invite you to the jury or a party. Whatever you want. please write to me.

Sadly I have no experience being a jury. I would just love it if I could enjoy your contests as a participant for now. It is also because I'm still quite new here in steemit. Maybe next time, i'll have the courage to become a jury in on of your future contests to come. Thanks for the kind consideration

ok, no problem)

Beautiful entry..😀

Thanks for joining!

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Thankyou! :)

Love your doodle! This is absolutely brilliant- so happy :)
Really great reading about your process too... and that gif at the end is wicked! Good luck with the contest.

E x

Thank you so much! I'm happy you liked my artwork :) about the gif, I can teach you if you want ahaha ^^

Ooh yes please, I'd love to know how to do that!

Okayy. I'll try to include a tutorial post about the gif soon :) i'll let you know haha

Ooh fab... yes, please do tag me in a comment when you've done it so I don't miss it! E x

Sure, no prob :)

Nice one.. i think this would pop up much if there were mote colors..

Yeah. Well about that, Sadly I kinda had little to no time left before the contest ends. I couldn't make it in time if I try to color it ahaha.

Anyway its still pretty good as it is. Looking forward of more of your doodles. Goodluck!

Thank you :)

One reason why I feel I would have sucked in art is cause of my patience most times. I find it difficult to reveal very detail and this just got me wowed with the details revealed.

Thank you so much :) my only advice would be is that you can try practicing it from time to time. You'll get better eventually.