# ULOG 019: CREATIVE HAND (with Short Poem and Step-by-Step Process)

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Creative Hand

Whenever I fall asleep,
My hands are not mine to keep.
Restless they seek,
Something really unique.

Pick up a pen and brush
As if in a sugar rush.
With every stroke
Entices the folk.

Express what's on my mind
Creativity of any kind.
Only you can find
The meaning I
have left behind.

Hello Steemians!

Today I present you some rather weird art of mine. It is titled "Creative Hand". I had this weird dream last night where my hands were twisted but I felt no pain. It was like paper that can fold, twist and was quite fragile. Immediately after I woke up, I wrote it on my notes in case I might forget it later that day. Because, we all know that most of the dreams we had are often forgotten afterwards. Now let us proceed to how I drew it.

Art Process

  • First I traced my own hand because of course, it was my hand that was on my dream.

  • I used my Stabilo pencil and eraser and made a rough outline sketch of my hand.

  • Next, I drew it just like how it was in my dream. In my dream, when I looked at my hand it was like a strip of paper and slowly it curled and curled. Well, you could imagine that I must have been frightened by then. But no, I was really intrigued and amazed!

  • Afterwards, I used my 0.5 My Gel Sign pen to outline tha sketch. By this time you can just imagine how freaky my dream was. You could even say that it was like a nightmare.

  • Lastly, I drew how I think it would look like. In my dream, I did not exactly saw any distinct feature or texture of my hand as it slowly twisted. I inked the features of my hand along with some paper or wood like texture with it. And the inner parts I drew it like a deep void with some star like shades. The drawing is now done! All that's left is some Lightroom CC magic. Off to enhance the photo using my Lightroom CC app...

After the edit:


That's it for my ULOG today. Liked my artwork? Follow me and don't forget to upvote and resteem! Your support is highly appreciated!
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oooh i love this, geramel <3 very artistic and well made! the step by step is also very nice <3 good post !!

and you have a very nice hand :D

Thankyou spidey :D

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wow, just wow
i love the idea and the final result
very original and interesting my friend ^^
btw, it is the first time i see someone paint something from a dream xD

Thank you @edanya!:D

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I love this type of drawings, let's say they are a little crazy, you could define it as surreal.

Beautiful work, very well done!


Thank you so much! I'm happy you liked it :)