#ULOG 021: TOOTHACHE (with Step-by-Step Process of the drawing)

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Good Day Steemians!

My tooth still hurts like hell. LITERALLY! I'm gonna visit the dentist this day and hopefully pull out the bad tooth that's been giving me this awful pain.

So for today, before I go to the dentist and since the pain is still bearable, I took a bit of time to draw and update my blog. Lol, steemit first before self. I drew an illustration of how bad my toothache is. It is like having tiny devils killing/using tools to actually hurt your tooth. They are not the tooth fairy that leaves behind a penny, instead they are like satan's tiny summons that bring you eternal torment.

And last night was the most awful. The pain was just too much it made me crazy and tears were falling as I desperately try not to make a loud noise.

Art Process:

  • First I sketch the tooth with three tiny devils on top to represent it as cavity on my tooth using my Stabilo pencil and eraser.

  • Next, I used my 0.5 My Gel Sign pen to ink the drawing.

  • Lastly, I added something to represent the night of mischief by this tiny devils. Afterwards, I used my Lightroom CC app to enhance the photo.

After the edit:


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URGH! I can totally feel it XD
Pano mo nakayang maging productive pa sa lagay na yan? ahaha di ko matiis kahit one second man lang, pagdating sa toothache it's "live or die" hahaha

Ahahaha steemit is life eh 😅 I think ma overdose na nga ako if nag take pa ako anothet medicine and painkiller 😂😂

Hahaha best representation talaga yung mga demons dun sa illustatration mo XD
Btw, good job! Hehe ramdam ko pic palang 🤣

Hahaha :D and I hope na di mo rin maramdaman gano kasakit yun. All those sleepless nights crying because of the pain lmao

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Wow! Very good, and I am happy to see you use a pencil first, I always sketch first with pencil just in case.

I love your imagination, I can feel your pain looking at this illustration.

I think art should be evocative. It doesn't have to evoke good feelings though. Anyone with dental pain can sympathize with this piece, my own jaw is hurting just looking at it.